LISTEN: Bill Schmalfeldt And His ‘Bomb’ Rant

Aaron Walker points out something about the audio I posted here:

I’d had the same thought. With that in mind, I also found this troubling; it’s from a podcast Bill Schmalfeldt did last week; he talks metaphorically about bringing out a bomb but also says ‘you won’t know where, you won’t know when’ in a threatening way.

Given the apparent connection between Bill Schmalfeldt and serial bomber Brett Kimberlin, it’s double-troubling.

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  1. I dunno. Sounds like the usual bullshit attempt at intimidation that these internet jackwads always seem to use. He’s trying to use bluster as if he’s a big man. If he really had something that big, he probably wouldn’t tell you about it in advance. At least I wouldn’t. If he’s telling you about it in this way, he’s probably got nothing, he’s just trying to get under your skin. Says to me he probably has nothing. Generally people that really have something big don’t brag it around. This seems to be a pretty pathetic individual who has never really amounted to much in his life, has managed to find what he considers to be some notoriety, has some of the “bad boys” paying attention to him and he’s just enjoying the attention for probably the first time in his life. Even bad publicity is good to people of this sort of mindset. They thrive on it. It’s his occupation at this point, he’s got nothing productive to do.


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