Make Up Your Resume!


Have you ever seen a job you really wanted but didn’t have the right background for it? Starting right now, don’t let a little thing like that get in your way. If there’s something you want to do, you can just make up your resume. 

I’m not suggesting you lie. Aside from whatever you believe about ethics, it’s too easy to get caught or to get yourself into a position you really aren’t qualified to handle. Neither option sounds fun.

But you are going to make up your resume. I mean – it’s what you do anyway, isn’t it? Every time you decide to take a job, project or gig of any kind, you’re adding to that list of things you’ve done. So start making some conscious choices about your goals and then create jobs and projects for yourself that give you the experience you need?

Here’s a personal example. Did you read my new article about Orgasmic Birth that I wrote for The Huffington Post? As I type this, it’s currently the top featured blog in HuffPost’s LIVING section. I’m especially proud of that because it’s the first article I’ve ever submitted to the Living section. Wook at my wittle face!


I wrote that article as a deliberate attempt to expand on my resume. I have a good deal of experience as a writer. I founded a magazine, was editor-in-cheif of a couple of magazines, I’ve read published magazine articles, co-authored books…that sounds kinda good, yes?

My problem is that almost all of that writing has been about video production, animation and other related technical subjects. It’s a great resume…if I want to write about production and animation. All of my work on the Huffington Post until a few weeks ago was politics or comedy. 

But I wanted to expand my resume to get more general assignment writing jobs. As a freelancer, I wanted to be able to cast wider net. A few weeks ago, I realized that if I wanted those jobs I better start writing those articles. Time to make up my resume.

I wrote an Entertainment piece about Jay Leno’s move to primetime. It was featured by the editors at HuffPost. So, feeling good about mytself and because my wife Lauren has experience with homebirth, I decided to take a crack at the Living section with this article. 

If I didn’t write for a well-read site like HuffPost, I could still have just written articles on my blog. And then kept writing them and promoting them and writing some more. The point is this; maybe nobody is helping you right now but nobody is stopping you either.

You want to do the musical score for films? Contact filmmakers and offer to score their films. You want to produce an album? Hook up with musicians and do it. Figure out your goals, get to work, put it on your resume.

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  1. interesting post. I think creating your resume– and creating your career/life/dreams is what it’s really about

  2. Lee, this is excellent advice for anyone looking to branch out or make a career change. It also applies if you want a promotion – don’t wait until someone gives you the job or the raise – start doing the work now! Volunteer for assignments, or just start taking on more stuff without asking. The money and the title will come, if not with this company or the next.

    I’m going to blog this. Thanks!

  3. It’s all about your story– the narrative of your life and career–past, present, and future–that you create for yourself.

    As the former assistant director of a social service agency who once reviewed stacks of resumes to fill jobs, I can tell you that I’d much rather see something stand-out– something different–than the same tripe that people put on a standard resume.


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