Moral Inversion And Cultural Liberalism And Me

I don’t care who you are; Robert Lindsay’s blog Beyond Highbrow is sure to make your freakin’ head explode in a manner akin to David Cronenberg’s Scanners.

Lindsay is a self-described high IQ, gypsy-hating, ‘white man’s burden’ liberal, pro-Riot Girrl iconoclast who…ok, you’re starting to get the picture. The opening graf of his About page says Lindsay is a:

Independent Left journalist in California. Trustafarian in a shackteau, slumming it up in the barrio. Revolutionary, patriotic Leftist, Christian, liberation theology, replacement theology.

All of this means that the dude is going to make people’s heads explode in way not dissimilar to Penn & Teller shooting melons to disprove the JFK Second Gunman theory. Lindsay is clearly proud of this. It makes his blog an interesting and challenging read, so he’s on my long list of blogs I check out on occasion.

All of this is to say that when I point you to a blog post of his called Gender Feminist Bitches Attack Me at Manboobz it doesn’t mean I approve of or endorse it. For instance, I don’t like the ‘bitches’ terminology and that just covers the headline. Nor do I like the term ‘sluts’ as used and on and on…

Such is the foot shuffling involved in quoting Robert Lindsay. 

But quote him I shall.

This section of that post jumped out at me as a good articulation of something I’ve thought about reconciling the ethics of a lot of my conservative friends with my own generally liberal, libertarian and libertine lifestyle, especially from a decade or so ago; emphasis added:

Since when is chastity a sin or a sign of failure as a human being anyway? Sluts and players perch on the top of the moral pyramid while the chaste and true wallow in Hellish boiling mud below. Give me a break, talk about inversions. We have truly turned morality upside down and made morals of sins and sinners of the good.

And it’s true that the way I lived my life, while I am proud of it, isn’t exactly optimal for society. In fact, a lot of society’s problems are due to too many people living like I did and not enough people showing some degree of moral probity.

The parts I emphasized are pretty much how I feel.  Breitbart used to say that he liked the counterculture for art and parties; he just didn’t want then running things. 

I don’t really think I should be running things, to be honest with you. I have zero desire to enter politics or get elected to anything. I’m not going to be on the Supreme Court or in any President’s cabinet.

But I can sure write about things.

In fact, my rich, colorful and varied life experience puts me in a much better position to write about things than a lot of people. Reporters don’t need to be Eagle Scouts (like Penn Jillette, FYI.) Honesty and insight should be the measure of a person’s journalistic output. So, I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.


  1. Love this article! I so agree with what Breitbart said!!!

  2. Great article! I’m going to use Breitbart’s line when arguing with my liberal sisters. Thanks!


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