More Park

Lots of park visits in the last week. The kids wanted to have a light sabre battle but our apartment isn’t really light saber battle sized. When we got the park, Olivia decided not to battle. No matter – plenty of nerds to go around.

We also went to the park with my brother Ken a couple of times. His oldest daughter Lena loves hanging out with the big cousins.

One day Kenny, me and the kids went to a park in Hollywood. There aren’t really many parks in Hollywood but Ken has worked in Hollywood a lot so he knew where one was.

While we were there, a junkie was threatening to kill his junkie girlfriend. They both had suitcases. The mean junkie dude was grabbing her arm and getting all up in her face about sixty feet from us. Nobody really knew what to do. Ken took the kids further away from them and Shane and I watched. When the mean junkie dude started to get a little more aggressive, I yelled at him to stop and told him that we’d call the police. He suggested I mind my own business but I kept yelling at him while keeping out of what I think of as ‘my personal don’t stab me space’. Eventually, he took his girl around the corner and Shane found a park employee who called the cops. Before the cops got there, the junkie dude walked off in a huff.

I don’t have any pictures of that part.

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