@MuddleVanHeck Interview:TwitterGate & @GregWHoward

I’ve written about The Twittergaters before and the role they have had in sowing confusion and disinformation about the entire Kimberlin / Rauhauser / Friedman story. Some aspects of the TwitterGate story still need expansion  Here’s a 25 minute interview with Cheryl aka @MuddleVanHeck that I think illuminates a lot of whats’ been going on for close to two years.

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I’ve included a ‘map’ of the interview AND Greg W. Howard’s reaction — all below the jump — but you’ll want to listen for yourself and make up your own mind.

3:00 Cheryl talks about her politics; a former ‘Katie Couric Idiot” ten years ago who bought into the mainstream media, she is now a Republican voting conservative who was influenced by Andrew Breitbart. She’s been a conservative

5:30 The beginning of Twittergate — a couple of trolls were attacking Greg Howard, making threats such as “I’ll slit your throat”.

6:40 We make it clear that Greg Howard WAS attacked and it was awful.This is important, because Greg repeatedly claims that I am somehow denying that this happened.

7:40 Cheryl had tracked down down one of the trolls who attacked Greg W. Howard. Greg does not go to the authorities. Cheryl feels that Greg — who had made radio show appearances — was more concerned about fame than taking legal action against the trolls who attacked him.

10:10 About Jeannie McBride : I mention that I have spoken to Jeannie and that she gave every appearance of being who she claimed; an elderly conservative women. Greg Howard and others have claimed she is actually a Democrat. Jeannie’s daughter was brutally raped, a fact that comes up later. (I interviewed Jeannie  separately and will do a post on that soon, too.)

12:00 Cheryl discusses how Patrick Read & Greg Howard wanted ‘The Wrecking Crew” to have new leadership but were outvoted. Howard was calling himself the “Glenn Beck of Twitter” and claimed to be running for office.

13:30 Howard and Read decide that anyone who opposes them is going to incur their wrath.

14:00 Neal Rauhauser is a bad guy and dirty tricks artist.

15:10 Howard and Read decide to use the same tactics that the “Bean Dogs” (vicious online parnksters) were using against others. In other words, they adopted the same vicious tactics.

17:00 Jeannie is accused of being a registered Democrat; Cheryl says this isn’t true.

18:20 Greg Howard, Patrick Read and Brooks Bayne accuse many people of being a secret liberal and use the same tactics as accounts as @OccupyRebellion — all because of the personal grudges.

19:30  I reject the idea that ‘the ends justify the means’; conservatives should not use those tactics. Cheryl says conservatives are better than that.

 21:00 Cheryl says that Patrick Read and others have use screencaptures out of context to produce a false narrative.

22:50 When though Jeannie’s daughter was raped and the attacker was at large, Howard and Read were trying out Jeannie’s address. Howard uses other accounts such as @LibtardDestroyer and is relentless.

 23:10 On the subject of ‘attacking conservatives’; Cheryl says Howard ‘wraps himself in the flag’. I point out that Howard isn’t being attacked for his politics but for this horrible tactics.

 24:40 Because of their personal grudge, Howard and Read are distracting from real issues like the election and Neal Rauhuaser.

And the reaction of Greg W. Howard? Typically restrained…

Do you think that was Greg’s last public comment?

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  1. Thanks for covering this, Lee. I told you before, the whole psychodrama was petty and unfounded. The REAL story needs to be told, and surprisingly, it has little to do with how badly many of us were trolled. Everybody knows that happened; they know Rauhauser’s tactics and his political connections.

    Hopefully everyone can move on to the more important events that have occurred, such as Kimberlin’s lawfare tactics, his funding, and lest we forget, his State Department “connection” as he strives to be the next rock and roll superstar/political activist. /heavy sarc/

    It’s seemingly a vicious circle, that State Dept. thing. Leads me to wonder if Occupy Rebellion was hired to create doubt about Anthony Weiner – especially now that he intends to run for Mayor. This may be why Stack was SWATted in the first place. Perhaps the warning for him to back off, followed by similar tactics which served to give Kimberlin cover from the bloggers writing about him. Regardless, it’s time to move past the sob stories of everyone else and cover this guy. Rauhauser is important, but he isn’t exactly Hillary Clinton!

    Maybe some of these folks will take the time to actually READ the history between the Clintons and Brett Kimberlin! A little less ‘mouth’ and a little more ‘studying’ would be a great way to start.

    Thanks again!


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