My Meaningless Thoughts On The Shooting In Aurora

I woke up around 2am or so and was messing around on Twitter for a bit when the news came in. I re-tweeted d what I saw and then realized — hey, I’m a reporter with a big national news site and probably everyone else was asleep and so maybe I should pay attention. I turned on my police scanner and started listening to what was happening in Aurora and watched Twitter feeds from Colorado stations and tried to pay attention to what was happening and separate out what was important. I got one story posted for  and helped a little bit on the overall coverage. My Twitter feed has some details.

So now I’m just tired and sad. And done for the day.

My wife isn’t up yet and so she still doesn’t know about this new, awful thing that’s happened in the world. It’ll be all over the news and I know how these stories roll out. We’ll learn details about the suspect and that will start a debate about why he did it and guns and violence and everything else and it’s just all pointless in regards to this mess. It’s done and it doesn’t make sense because it will never make sense. These things don’t make sense.

This is how all of the Friday will go. I understand the news cycle. Repeated details, reports from witnesses, experts, the movie studio reacts and just on and on.

So, I don’t want to write about any of the other stuff I write about normally. Not today because really, in the face of this, it doesn’t matter much. Right? It just doesn’t.

So I’ll play with my kids and kiss my wife. I might read a book. Or listen to Chet Baker. But’s barely 7:20 am here and I’m checking out until tomorrow, really.

I’ve had enough news for one day, thanks.

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