My Statement On Being Banned From Patterico

Apparently, Patterico disabled my ability to guest blog on his site on Thursday. I found this out via this post on his site. I have not attempted to blog on his site for several days.

I felt that that Patterico has gone far afield on posts  like this one the night before last night but I’d seen big problems for days before that. I made a decision to stop cross posting at Patterico early Thursday. I hope in the fullness of time, Patterico realizes that he made a few significant errors here that led him down the wrong path. He’s been talking to the wrong people but worse – he’s been listening to them.

One example is that Patterico has been talking to (and espousing some of the same views as)  Ron Brynaert. Take a look at Ron’s Tiwtter feed to get a sense of where Ron’s head is at. I’ve talked to Ron on the phone myself a few times and he seems – quite literally, no joke – mentally unbalanced. For example, he told me yesterday that I might have been talking to ‘a fake Jennifer Preston’. I say this with nothing but sympathy for Ron, who I believe is intelligent but clearly is in need of mental help.

If anyone doubts my assessment of Ron, please speak to him on phone and make up your own mind.

So when I see Patterico advancing the same “it seems likely that Neal Raufhauser’s army of female hackers might have had a decoy Jennifer George call you;’ theory that is an echo of the delusional mind of Ron, it’s worrisome. And that’s exactly what Patterico told me he believes just a couple of hours ago.

I sincerely hope this entire situation straightens itself out quickly.


  1. Almost funny.

    Isn’t the only reason the name Jenny George is out there is because the person creating the starchild111 twitter slipped up? It doesn’t look like a planned decoy right?

  2. A great point. It’s a theory so full of holes that it’s hard to know where to start.

  3. Sad news. I think Lee accused Pat of saying things Pad didn’t say. Lee has way of turning his own theories into hard facts in his own mind. There is real value in having a neutral platform where the John Reid documents can be exposed and roundly investigated, and criticized, as each one has been, and, as many have said, including Pat, that Reid can be given enough rope. What could be more valuable than the open interviewing thread mode for John Reid, including the chorus of criticism in the comments? Pat deserves credit for obtaining that. I have been posting for a long time that it’s valuable to have both Lee’s impassioned take on this and Pat’s methodical take and to have critical and productive interaction between them. Both have done very hard work on this. The record shows that Lee escalated the accusations and emotions, as is his way of doing things. I’ve asked Lee publicly in many comments not to estrange Pat in this way as it could remove that great “two-sides-of-the-same-coin” dynamic that we’ve enjoyed. Pat being so busy with his job and not posting as much has left a vacuum in which Lee has kept thinking that Pat is against him, like when the wife goes to Vegas with the girls and doesn’t return phone calls, the imagination wanders. Pat’s not against Lee and he’s not against finding the real truth, backed by evidence.

  4. Let’s hope this is temporary and they can work it out.

  5. You have it exactly backwards…

    I’m the one making a factual case, not the one espousing bizarre theories.

  6. Lee – In one of Neal’s Stranded Wind posts he pointed to the Anonymiss Army assembling a damaging dossier of information, including personal crap, on the bornfree crew. That post is still up.

  7. “I’m the one making a factual case, not the one espousing bizarre theories.”

    Lee – Is the spurned lover or sexter theory factual at this point?

  8. I have said repeatedly that those are theories – but not bizarre ones. The more evidence we have – like the way the Nikki accost evolved – the mire they seem borne out.

  9. It’s ok for Pat to float a bizarre theory and ask people to poke holes in it. Pat’s not asserting some theory and labeling as it must be true. Dozens of us have poked holes in that trial balloon at the top of his post.

    There’s no evidence that the very smart Patterico entertains Ron’s thoughts for one second. That would be totally out of character for Pat.

    I don’t buy the Patterico theory at the top of this thread that the JG who called Lee was a hoaxer. Lee would have a better sense for that and Lee’s not saying she was a hoaxer. It seems to me like it’s the real JG MA who called Lee and talked to Preston several times.

    I also don’t buy Lee’s theory that the JG MA who called him is the sock puppet mistress, because I don’t think it’s proven with facts. (It might someday be, but has not been at all yet.) I question the components of that call that Lee has labeled as lies because he doesn’t distinguish between factual lies (proven wrong by evidence, not opinion) and “it doesn’t fit my theory” “lies” (which aren’t lies by my standard).

    I think we still need to consider an innocent JG scenario and then try to poke holes in that based on facts.

    So if an innocent and truly scared JG called Lee, fearing for her life, do you think she hung up feeling better about the situation, or a whole lot worse? And after talking to Preston, does an innocent JG, who is scared of Lee, feel safer regarding Lee or Lee’s followers? Lee with the blogs and radio show saying JG is guilty every day because he’s known it all along and the story has leaked that JG may be “troubled”? Do you think Preston made an innocent JG feel better about Lee? We know now how the Lee-Preston relationship has turned out.

    And then what does the scared JG do? She goes to the cops.

    So we need to take that JG story and see what just cannot be true (based on hard facts) about it and whether those issues make us not believe her at all. Then, in that case, is she a fake or is she behind some or all of the alleged socks.

  10. Koam , didn’t Pat say he got more convinced of his own theory

    “UPDATE x2: I’m feeling better about the theory with each passing second.”

  11. He said that. I disagree. He’s not saying it’s proven true and anyone who doesn’t believe it is a liar or stupid or a dupe or a victim of evil socks. It’s conjecture, something to consider.

  12. What’s interesting to me is that Patterico is not actually advancing any theories. He’s just letting the audience see what we see and think for itself, occasionally asking why theory A is more proven than theory B. Some of the reaction is like asserting Socrates (Plato’s, not Kimberlin’s) was seriously advocating every theory he asking ‘why not’ to. That’s not what he’s doing. When it’s impossible to explain why one of his plausible options is wrong, it’s clear the alternative Lee is presenting has not been proven.

    For the most part, I’ve liked Lee’s jilted girlfriend theory better than other theories, but it does seem like someone is trying to manipulate the facts (And I don’t mean Lee, though I do think he has a hard time letting the audience handle all the facts, or even humbling himself to answer a reasonable and answerable question within a dozen or more requests for it).

    I think the two have a different style and think differently, but even though I have some severe differences with Lee’s way of reacting to those who challenge his assumption, I think Lee is largely motivated by a need to find the truth (but also keenly aware of the other benefits of covering an interesting story, which I don’t begrudge).

    One problem I’ve noticed is a hesitance to really get into depth on mistakes made.

    Lee’s theory about this story has changed over time, and I’m not sure he even remembers that. Let alone discusses how he got on tracks that ended with ‘I was mistaken’. The first time I really got sideways over Weinergate was way back when he linked Canongate’s utter horsecrap, and did so with much more ‘advancing’ than Patterico has lent towards John Reid. A need to be the first to solve a mystery? An undisclosed bias? Some evidence never disclosed that is actually not reliable? You gotta do an after-action-review when things go wrong.

    I made an error at claiming P wanted us to pretend John Reid was real, and he sharply corrected that mistake. He doesn’t want to suggest he’s fake, or that he’s real. Seems only fair that after he’s explained that 100 times we’d give him the respect of not describing his views any other way.

    Anyway, Lee’s style leads to a lot of drama, I think, but I’m biased so perhaps this is unfair. I hope they settle their differences, and ultimately, I know the real bad guy or guys in this case are not the journalists trying to cover this and succumbing to human error, but rather the threateners and manipulators. And Neal. Whether he’s as involved as some think or not.

    Daley’s right. For Lee to call his case ‘factual’ is overstating things, just as calling Patterico’s discussion ‘bizarre’ seems unfair to my eyes. I like Daley and Patterico, but we do not agree all the time. What I like about them is that we can handle disagreements without taking it too far. If I could give Lee Stranahan one thing, it would be the ability to handle being challenged without thinking people are against him, as Koam helpfully and correctly notes. Patterico isn’t ‘against’ Lee, he’s just expecting his views on this topic to be stated accurately without a sensationalized twist into ‘he’s not explicitly denying what I find bizarre, so he’s advocating that view!’

    Anyway, I’m in the middle of a fantastic weekend, and I hope those of you who are a little burnt out on this issue get off the internet for a while and drink a little beer and eat a few steaks with your friends and family. Nothing makes me appreciate some green grass and sunshine like a good old fashioned internet dispute.

  13. He’s not saying, “it’s proven true and anyone who doesn’t believe it is a liar or stupid or a dupe or a victim of evil socks.”

    Punctuation adds clarity.

  14. Koam, thank you for explaining Patterico’s views so clearly. Also, you’re one of the few folks I confided in who has been apparently stalwart. Hopefully you understand how much respect I have for that.

  15. It’ll be a lot easier to answer questions now that I’m nit carrying water for anyone…

    Go ahead and ask

  16. Does anyone have the original JG police report and how can we get the the detective’s unfiltered assessment of the JG report, his interviews with her, and the results of his investigation?

    For Lee, you mentioned that you found law enforcement that was taking your side of this seriously. What’s going on with that?

  17. You asked the one question I really still can’t answer…the LE aspect. Sorry, hope you understand.

    I have not seen the police report. If i had it, it would be posted. I posted info on how to get it.

  18. Thanks, Lee. I understand. To the extent that you can tease us with LE status reports, properly redacted, we’d all like to know if disinterested parties are looking into this.

    Which touches on a point I have had in my head, obvious to everyone, I’m sure but not stated.

    All the writers have become part of this story, so they all have stakes in it, one way or another:
    – Lee
    – Tommy
    – Pat
    – Preston
    – Ace

    Things that have happened to the writers, and things that the writers have done are now facts of the case. Permanently intermixed.

    It’s almost like we need a fresh writer who, if possible, can work this without becoming part of it.

  19. Others: Please add to list of writers who have been sucked into the facts of the case, becoming part of the story, below.

  20. Koam , if I said my theory is that CIA and KGB were behind this , would you say “plausible theory , not bizarre or stupid”. They’ve got the resources….

  21. I don’t doubt your assessment of Ron. I comfort myself by thinking there has been some great misunderstanding bet. you and Patrick.

  22. Have you seen this? Is it possible that Ronbryn was the original sockpuppeteer working in advance of the moment when the crotch shot was heard around the world and Neal was brot in to fix it and he hasn’t quite been able to get it shut down? Has someone gotten to Patterico like they did Jen Preston?

    Neal’s whole career it seems is doing exactly this, but he’s on Weiners side. why was someone trying to get something bad on weiner? someone tried to clean it up but it looks like someone was actively trying to create the mess in the first place.

    Let’s not forget his closeness to the group anonymous and lulzsec. His diary under stranded wind used their langauge to threaten. Isn’t it reasonable that a guy with the tech knowledge neal has (IT engineer etc) who goes after political targets might also employ a network like anonymous who goes after politcal targets that just happen to be the same targets?

    weiner knew that they were on to him and yet worked to bait them. why did he do that?

  23. Hey, but Lee’s caller IS a hoaxer. A meta-hoaxer, anyway, in the sense that this caller is part of any of these sock games being played, and may even be responsible for many of the socks – even all the socks.

  24. Neal has a partner in his business – PPST. The partner and co-founder is female. Could that be JGMA? Laurelai Bailey is a transgendered male to female and was recently “interviewed” by the FBI for her role is lulzsec. This person could be JGMA. Ronbryn sure doesn’t want anyone to investigate who JGMA is, doesn’t he?

    Here’s the link written by Neal about the origins of his company from Daily Kos.


    Neal has another female employee at PPST, Sandi Behrns

    Sandi joined Progressive PST in 2010, bringing with her a varied background in training, public-speaking, digital content development, and web design. Actively engaged in progressive politics since Jerry Brown’s 1992 Presidential campaign, in recent years, she has become a well-respected political blogger and progressive social media maven. These skills and background have dove-tailed well with Progressive PST’s growing scope of services and clients.

    Sandi can be found on Twitter @SandiBehrns.

  26. Sandi has video/voice online. I think she’s a very unlikely suspect but maybe Lee should listen anyway.


    Well well…isn’t this interesting. Laurelai is from Ireland and not from Iowa. Could it be that someone knowledgable about Iowa (neal graduated from Greattinger HS in Iowa) might concoct a fake Iowa person as a member of Lulzsec? I mean, come on. They planted it in Gawker, but not in the Des Moines Register?

  28. I like this part:

    Pro-tip : When you are dealing with Anonymous, verify the facts and don’t fall for trolls.

  29. That’s what I mean by you should ask “what would Anonymous do” and in that way the level of confirmation necessary falls into its proper place.

  30. I’ve noticed Gawker is frequently where “news” from progressives originates. If it’s from gawker, it’s probably planted by a progressive/communist propogandist.

  31. “So when I see Patterico advancing the same “it seems likely that Neal Raufhauser’s army of female hackers might have had a decoy Jennifer George call you;’ theory that is an echo of the delusional mind of Ron, it’s worrisome.”

    “Reid is using Patterico and lying about their involvement in the story.”

    Lee – I find statements such as the above from your current post and a prior post very offensive and will explain why. Neither you nor Patterico want to be considered amateurs at what you yet you are condemning him before he has published anything in detail about interactions, if any, with Ron, his theories about Neal, or his conclusions about John Reid.

    Let’s take a step back and talk about your phone call from Jenny George in MA and your claims of proof that she is Nikki Reid. You claim she is a liar yet you did not throw out everything she said, you investigated further. Why would you suggest Patterico take a different approach with Ron or John Reid or assume that he is swallowing everything they say without verification? It’s insulting, makes absolutely no sense and is a complete double standard. Plus you point out Patterico did checking required on the Ethel story to get proof required to publish. You have also blatantly misrepresented Patterico’s stated position over what he has published from John Reid, several times, which is not cool.

    You got very snippy with people suggesting you had not proved your point about Nikki. I have been in that camp because you had not shown your work as you admitted on your Friday night BTR show. Friday night you started to dribble out some more information connecting the dots. Patterico has not even published or done a radio show on his theories yet, laying out evidence, so how is it possible to credibly attack him except on purely private conversations or speculation, neither of which is good.

    Just a few thoughts. I’ve got more on your vacillating bizarre theories about Patriot, which seem like a pure vendetta.

  32. Nancy, news about Anonymous and Anonymous-like groups comes out of Wired and Gawker.

  33. Read my last few days of posts. I dropped hints all over the place — Patterico is off on bizarre trail that leads nowhere.

  34. Daley – – seriously. Call Ron. Talk to him and get back to us.

  35. “Call Ron”

    This does nothing to answer Daleyrocks’s point.

  36. BTW, I’ve disagreed with Daley many many times, but he doesn’t speak out like this unless he’s thought about it and has reasonable concerns.

  37. Have you called Ron? How do you know it doesn’t?

  38. Here’s the thing — call Ron and then see if we’re even talking the same planet, much less same ballpark.

  39. “Read my last few days of posts. I dropped hints all over the place — Patterico is off on bizarre trail that leads nowhere.”

    Lee – Where can I read about those bizarre trails? Seriously?

    Is Patriot a woman today or have you changed your mind again? Did Patriot hack Weiner’s account? Did you ever retract the bizarre allegations you made back then?

  40. Lee – Call 1-800-Flowers

  41. “Patterico is off on bizarre trail that leads nowhere”

    Lee, even if this is so, why does it matter so much to you if he is wasting time off on a bizarre trail that leads nowhere ? Why do you care so much about what he’s doing separate from what you do on your own investigation? Do you believe he’s thwarting you, or sabotaging you in some way that is not apparent to others? If Pat is wrong and you are right about this, you will be the one vindicated in the end, no? People who do like you both with respect to issues that go beyond Weinergate don’t understand the ugliness and public nature of your personal spat over this. What’s really going on here?

  42. Umm — he has the one who yelled and hung up on me, not vice versa. Ask him about it.

  43. “Umm — he has the one who yelled and hung up on me, not vice versa. Ask him about it.”

    Poor baby.

    Grow a pair.

    Has he lied about you on his blog the way you have lied about him here and on BTR? NO.

  44. Never lied about him once.

  45. Call 1-800-FLOWERS

  46. Also — hanging up was the baby move. Talking rationally was what he couldn’t handle.

  47. “Never lied about him once.”

    Too much!

  48. Dustin and Daley have their dander up because Their Precious has been criticized.

    Who knew all this time that JG meant “Jeff Goldstein”?

  49. Yes, I’m thinking this must be a big misunderstanding.

    Patterico could not possibly be thick-headed enough to believe JohnReid9 is not a sock. I refuse to believe he could even entertain such an idea; but I can believe he has much more patience than I do giving someone who thinks he’s smarter than his marks, a chance to find himself mistaken.

    Lee gives short shrift to the possible involvement of an anonymous-styled operatives, has been too defensive and used circular arguments to support a conclusion or two.

    He’s not wrong at all about his caller being a liar, or part of the sock brigade.

    Where he is incautious, in my view, is in accepting some things at face value when so much fakery going on argues against taking ANYTHING at face value, especially since there REALLY ARE minor sociopaths who operate in league to screw with people, create chaos, and maybe score a political point or seven.

    That doesn’t mean anonymous or anyone like them started this, they might join in later. And maybe this has been the work of one all along.

    But the degree of suspicion should be higher. It does not interfere with uncovering the truth, the truth takes all the double-checking and tire-kicking you can give it.

    Also, Ron is utterly insane.

  50. Why do you keep “dropping hints” that’s what everyone is confused by. You want to be seen as the person who solves this mystery, I can understand and appreciate that. Doing this whole Sherlocke Homes thing about how we’re stupid for not putting all the pieces together that you’re “hinting at” is kind of obnoxious. We all know you have more information than us that’s why we keep asking questions.

    I think the reason people are just “hinting” at things is because their preferred theory isn’t proven. So they’re hoping that people pick up on some little tidbit and jump to the same conclusion at the expense of actual facts.

    I think your explanation is the most plausible, it seems to follow Occam’s Razor. That being said it’s still a theory.

    Why is everyone talking like the stakes are all that high here? Am I missing something what’s at stake besides bragging rights and ego? Other than some rather weak death threats what laws have been broken?

  51. It is just another blogger peen war. Nothing more and nothing less. seems pat gets the itch every couple of years to take on someone. Lee just happened to be the latest one….

  52. Johnny 5 is alive – Why? Sayre’s Law.

    The important thing has already happened. Weiner’s bad habits got public exposure, and that led to his general character (narcissist, liar, impulse-driven) being exposed along with his nethers. The rest is a diversion, a more minor story. In the end the story will be about nothing more important than “be more skeptical” and/or the motto of the Chinese version of anonymous, (Human Flesh Search Engine): “on the internet, EVERYONE knows you’re a dog.”

  53. OUTLAW!

  54. I do not want this to be a blogger “war.” At all.

    Let Lee have his say. Let me have mine.

    All I ask is that I be allowed to speak for myself.

  55. Thanks SarahW!

    I learned something new today.

    I view internet death threats like people speeding on the freeway. Both are illegal and could get you killed but the odds of either happening are pretty slim.

    Some folks are getting really invested into a very common internet reality. Not everyone on the internet is who they say they are (full disclosure I’m not actually named Johnny 5 is alive 😉 ).

    I’d like to add my own law to the inter-web.

    Johnny’s Law: If an argument about being banned from a comment section goes on long enough at some point Charles Johnson’s name will be invoked.

  56. My head hurts whenever I try to figure out if there’s just one puppeteer or several operating at cross-purposes.

    Every time I think I’ve cut a loop out of the spaghetti, I turn out to be either wrong, or just off enough that I’ve added a loop in my map of the confusion.

  57. Hope Lee is ready to be categorized alongside CJ and Balko and others. Pat’s flying monkeys (who he is not responsible for… wink wink) are awaiting guidance….

  58. Has he lied about you on his blog the way you have lied about him here and on BTR? NO.

    You know, we still haven’t seen that cease and desist letter. Patterico is absolutely, positively, most definitely not above lying about a fellow blogger for the sole purpose of trashing him. That’s just a fact.

  59. Pablo – Yawn. Thanks for commenting. We certainly know you and JG CO friends are fond of lying about bloggers for the sole purpose of trashing them.

  60. Pablo, I’m not sure what you’re rambling about. Your link doesn’t even say anything. It mentions a cease and desist letter, but it’s completely vague about the details. And as usual, it follows Jeff’s weird need to google bomb Patterico by his professional name.

    I recall the last time I bothered with you I caught you in two lies. And I remember you were the weirdo who spewed private emails from Patterico in a really dishonest manner.

    I think we all know Jeff is a huge fan of lying. He lied that Patterico was an antisemite. When he was called on this, he deleted the accusation and then soon later repeated it again, this time laughing that it was going to embarrass Patterico when his friends and colleagues saw his name associated with the accusation. When called this time, again, he chickened out and deleted the accusation. Then he made the accusation a third time, only this time he ‘asked’ if Patterico is an antisemite, and called it ‘satire’. Satire of what, I’m not sure. That part never made sense to me. But Jeff already said he wanted people to think the accusation was serious, and he’s never been able to point to any justification for such a heavy charge. He’s linked this accusation hundreds of times to his most popular blog posts from months and years past, almost all completely unrelated to Patterico or antisemitism.

    In other words, he google bombed an antisemitism accusation in the most obnoxious and evil way, linked to the man’s job title, obviously gunning for his job, and then claimed it was just a big joke. And you were there cheering the whole time, mocking that Patterico sees the potential for a democrat to be a ‘good man’, which apparently justifies this kind of purity effort on your part.

    “Patterico is absolutely, positively, most definitely not above lying about a fellow blogger for the sole purpose of trashing him. That’s just a fact.”

    Yeah, um, that’s not a fact unless you can prove it. I’ve seen how hard Patterico tries to be fair to those he disagrees with. We can see it between Lee and Patterico, who both are trying to be gentlemen. We can see it between RSM and Patterico. What I’ve shown is that you’re projecting.

    BTW, Jeff claimed to be contacting Patterico’s employer. Remember that? He was lying about that, as best an anyone can tell. Did you know that? He was blowing smoke.

    What’s wrong with you people? Patterico hasn’t thought or discussed you losers for months now, and you guys are talking about him nonstop. Protein Wisdom is actually a pretty interesting blog when it’s not worried about purging the party of anyone with intellectual honesty. I think the hard truth is that you guys can’t handle a fair fight with a liberal, and Patterico can, and that really hurts your feelings.

  61. “allahpunditredux July 3, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    It is just another blogger peen war. Nothing more and nothing less. seems pat gets the itch every couple of years to take on someone. Lee just happened to be the latest one….

    Absolutely ludicrous. If Patterico was trying to fight with Lee, he’d be doing so. Instead, he’s saying Lee might be right and clarifying his POV. You ankle biting losers just can’t stop the obsession. Always eager to try to vindicate the humiliating way PW looked after Patterico disposed of y’all ages ago.

    Yes, Patterico has been in several high profile arguments. So what? Debates and arguments are not exactly alien to the internet. I can tell you first hand that if Patterico were trying to somehow trash Lee, he’d be going about this differently. Many times, Patterico has tried to keep this from flaring up. He’s specifically told me to go easy on Lee and do my best to get along.

    And, to be sure, he has tried that with these PW psychos for ages too, but they are absolutely furious that in November 2008 Patterico tried to accept Obama’s election with optimism, explaining to his child that democrats are motivated to do good, just like Republicans are, and as misguided as one side knows the other side is, we’re all generally decent folks.

    This ‘good man’ meme has been mentioned on PW at least 20,000 times. Google it and check if you don’t believe me. These people are more furious with Patterico for trying to see any good in a democrat than they are with Obama himself. Granted, it was easy to see then and now Obama has a lot of problems, especially with patriotism, but so what? Why burn the guy at the stake for raising his kid not to be a psycho PW style partisan?

    Why care that much? I find this need to track Patterico down in every debate he has for the next 100 years and try to link the new debates to this old stupid one to be almost as pathetic as Pablo’s need to be a sycophant.

  62. Dustin,
    If this were an episode of Gunsmoke you’d most definitely play Festus. Does Pat really need you to carry his water that badly? Did he even ask you to carry it?

  63. Dustin is probably here defending Patterico because, like Patterico, Dustin is an honorable and reasonable person. Furthermore, Lee is not banned from commenting at, only from posting. Fortunately Lee says he had already made the decision not to post there so I guess the only remaining problems are:

    1. Lee reportedly published things Patterico said in confidence.

    2. Lee apparently thinks Patterico espouses delusional theories.

    I can’t address the confidentiality issue set forth in 1., although when I see Lee say “that’s exactly what Patterico told me he believes just a couple of hours ago,” I wonder if that was a private, confidential conversation.

    As to point 2., I’ve never talked to Ron B. and I don’t Twitter, but I also believe it’s possible “that Neal Raufhauser’s army of female hackers might have had a decoy Jennifer George call you.” Believe it or not, people can think this and not be delusional.

  64. “Dustin is probably here defending Patterico because, like Patterico, Dustin is an honorable and reasonable person.”
    So you are carrying the other bucket for Pat? Would you be Miss Kitty?

  65. allahpunditredux – Who are you here carrying water for or are you going to claim dehydration?

  66. Ah Daley – one more of the flying monkeys on scene to defend their master.

  67. I’ve been out in the field with cadets at Buckner so I haven’t seen the exchanges until now – so I’m regretful that i didnt comment earlier

  68. “Ah Daley – one more of the flying monkeys on scene to defend their master.”

    allahpunditredux – Thread Winnah!

    Dude, with brilliant and original commentary like that you can rule the interwebz!

  69. To clarify an ambiguous phrasing of mine above: You didn’t have a private conversation with me and misrepresent it. You had a private conversation with Razor, and misrepresented it to the public, including to myself directly. I think my meaning was clear to each of us, but just in case others had a question about that wording.

  70. As someone who has dealt with Neal Rauhauser in the past, I can tell you that he’s the functional leftist equivalent of some of nutcases on the right. I first came across Rauhauser when solicited to help a friend of mine on Twitter who was dealing with one @solaar, who threatened to slit his throat, among other things. By the time I was through perusing @solaar’s timeline and the publicly available information he’d posted, I managed to out him as a convicted felon in Florida. He acquiesced to my request for civility in exchange for my not sending screen shots of his activity to his parole officer and employer. Rauhauser associated with the Beandogs, a group out of Australia headed up by one @methadonna, an unemployed, manic depressive hacker on state benefits who did nothing but troll the Internet trying to harass Tea Party types. There was a theory that Rauhauser was coordinating with the Beandogs, and a good bit of documentation of their interaction. I know that when things got hot for Rauhauser, he threatened to out the Beandogs himself and they shut down ops for the most part.

    These people are not content with online harassment. They will try to spook you in person, and they will try to call your employers, your associates, and in my case, the law school I attended. My law school dean read my website and had no complaints or objections whatsoever. In a personal conversation I had with Rauhauser, he threatened to place me on a domestic hate crimes suspect list maintained by the SPLC. He also sent me email from his gig with the a public/private partnership with the FBI. He’s a certified Cisco systems guy, a pretty good guy at hiding his tracks, but he’s not as impermeable as he thought he was. Breitbart had photos of Rauhauser’s public Flickr stream, including various nudes. Through the grapevine, I managed to view the photos myself.

    To be honest, I felt sorry for Neal. He’s highly functioning, has Asperberger’s, and he’s surrounded by leftists who are every bit as prone to see conspiracy theories behind every gesture as some of their counterparts on the right. These folks talk politics a little too personally, in my opinion. At some point, between the the shenanigans they’ve pulled online and offline, someone is likely to get hurt. The general goal both sides have in this fight is to get a reaction from their targets that makes them look paranoid and nuts.

    They aren’t nice people, and I’d avoid them if I were you, regardless of whether or not they’re on the right or the left. It’s just an endless rabbit hole of drama and unsubstantiated nonsense. Write with documentation, contend for your cause, and don’t print or allege unsubstantiated garbage. Hold your reactions in check, and wait until you’ve got it nailed down. Once you put their name/address/employer out there, they tend to stop. These people all have multiple sock accounts, because that’s what they do. They don’t have lives outside of social networking, and the sheer volume of their output makes one wonder how the hell they get any work done. My advice to you all is to move on and continue to fight effectively by ignoring the detours. These folks and their antics are nothing but a detour. Don’t waste your time and energy.

  71. source:

    Suspect Reporter
    On his post my-statement-on-being-banned-from-patterico, Lee Stranahan discusses the mental state of wordsmith Ron Brynaert as follows:

    I’ve talked to Ron on the phone myself a few times and he seems – quite literally, no joke – mentally unbalanced. For example, he told me yesterday that I might have been talking to ‘a fake Jenifer Preston’. I say this with nothing but sympathy for Ron, who I believe is intelligent but clearly is in need of mental help.

    I have to say, Stranahan should NOT be so judgmental. There IS a fake Jennifer Preston. She works out of the fake New York Times building that is just due fake West of fake Times Square. Oh, if you get fake-hungry while you’re there, there’s a fake Shake Shack nearby.

    by qritiq on blogspot

    (not by me)



  1. Suspect Reporter « Qritiq - [...] his post my-statement-on-being-banned-from-patterico, Lee Stranahan discusses the mental state of wordsmith Ron Brynaert as [...]

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