My Twitter Account Is Under A Harassment Attack

My Twitter Account Is Under A Harassment Attack

Yesterday, conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain reported he’d been hit by a “fake follower” attack.

I’m currently under the same sort of attack: new fake followers are coming in about one every couple of¬†seconds.

I don’t know who is behind this attack. I have been subject to ongoing harassment by the account of @XCitizen10 for years, a subject I’ll have more to say about in the coming months.

If you aren’t familiar with Neal Rauhauser,¬†this article from 2012 says:

He is a self-admitted hacker. From available information and sources it is hard to determine if he is a black hat hacker (criminal) or a gray hat hacker (line between criminality and legitimacy).

Actually, it is hard to determine anything about Neal Rauhauser. Facts are sparse. Rumors, legends, myths, and his own braggadocio are plentiful. What is known is deeply disturbing. He is described as maniacal, diabolical, and extremely vengeful.

Depending on who you talk to or what you find on the Internet, Rauhauser is either a very disturbed individual, domestic and political super spy, agent provocateur and federal informant, federal cyber security contractor or consultant; is usually armed with a hand gun on his person or in his car, lives somewhere in America, lives in Montgomery County, Maryland, works on Capitol Hill, is an expert on wind technology, started and busted out several businesses, cannot hold a responsible job, the list just goes on and on and on.

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