Nadia Naffe Lies About James O’Keefe

R.S. McCain gets into the nitty-gritty details of the Buzzfeed hit piece published about O’Keefe that comes right before Naffe is supposedly suing Patrick Frey.

Here’s a quick hit on one part of it : Nadia Naffe telling a straight-up lie.

The Buzzfeed article is about a video that Naffe worked on with O’Keefe where she says:

“O’keefe has the footage, though I’m doubtful he would share any of it. Since, he was arrested a week later in New Orleans while attempting to wire tap Senator Mary Landrieu,” Naffe said.

It is not true that O’Keefe was trying to wire tap anyone. According to the government. Patterico posted about this over TWO YEARS AGO. Nadia doubtlessly knows this so she lied to Buzzfeed.

Will they correct?

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