New Film Project: The Decline & Fall Of LGF

My Weinergate film project didn’t get enough contributions to go forward – which means anyone who pledged money won’t be charged a cent. That’s the way works; the funding is all or nothing.

So of course, some on the left took this as a chance to gloat…like Chuckles from Little Green Footballs.


Which is fine. Some projects go, some don’t. It’s just a fact of life. But I also believe in the value of perseverance. If you almost drown, jump right back in the water.

So, what will my project on Kickstarter be? Anything inspiring me?


Oh, I know!

Please consider contributing to my new film project : The Decline & Fall of Little Green Footballs. 

It already has reached the minimum funding goal – I set it to a very small $87 – but help us push it up so I can add more interviews and production value to the project!


  1. the secret about LGF is that charles johnson has never changed how he approaches things, but the political forces around him did. he said, ‘look this bush guard doc is obviously fake’ regardless of the politics behind it.

    put it this way, no one would have given sarah palin the time of day in 2003. reagan and bush sr. are ancient history now, though.

  2. LOL sounds like a fun idea. Heck, I’ve already got some footage that you’re welcome to use:

  3. Hi Lee.

    Even though The Boiler Room Crew can’t contribute financially we have a complete archive of every stupid thing Charles Johnson ever posted on Little Green Footballs.

    In the interests of journalistic integrity, and to preserve for ever Johnson’s stupidity at its finest, granting you full access to our archives, free of charge, is our contribution to this monumental endeavor.

    Regards, sincerely best wishes, and let’s do lunch someday. (Chen is paying)

  4. Enigineer,

    Let’s do it – the archives sound great!

  5. I pledged $5. I wouldn’t have done it–money is always tight–except for reading what he posted about you. What a bunch of crap. He made me part with $5 that will be dearly missed. So now I like him even less. But look forward to the finished documentary!

  6. Success is the best revenge. I’m broke (I had $20 yesterday, but it went to… Um… Something that costs 20. Had I known about this, I would have just bought a dimebag.)

  7. LOL. Although Charles refers to us as creeps and stalkers, we’re really just mocking him, fact checking his ass, and exposing his lies. Trust The Boiler Room Crew. We’ve got proof.

  8. i would be pleased to be a part of this production. please contact me if you’re interested.

  9. Lee,
    Chen and Engineer have data on CJ’s lies.

    This will be fun!

  10. I’d be happy to provide artwork of any kind, of course. 😉

  11. As a proud, and blocked @LGF, agitpropist (who has singed the smelly taints hairs of the greasy pony-tailed lump of shit in the past), consider me at your beck and call.

  12. really, any film about charles johnson ought to just borrow the idea from another film maker, then cut and paste that story and call it your own.
    then what you do is go around touting your idea.

    then a few years later after your film wins awards, you say your film was the result of lies and that you were duped.
    you then make a really lousy film ( also however, using ideas from other people ) that hardly anybody watches, where you attack the people that you stole your first film’s idea from

    personally, I believe that man fell off his bicycle and had a serious traumatic brain injury. I have no other explanation for his stupid behavior over the last few years


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