#Occupy Wall Street Hates Freedom Of The Press: In Which I Get A Threatening Email

I haven’t announced this here yet, but Brandon Darby and I are planning to go to New York City to cover Occupy Wall Street on video. It seems like the place to be and Brandon and I seem like the right people to go there.  More details on this later, but if you want to donate to help cover the expenses of flying to New York and shooting video, you can donate whatever you want right here.

I’ve been talking about the trip on Twitter, though – and the #OWS crew was listening.

This is an email I just got from Neal Rauhauser. First, he tells me that he himself has forwarded info about Brandon and me to people at #OWS, then he makes a friendly suggestion that maybe I should avoid the situation. Subtle.


The head of security for OWS is a former Marine I happen to know. I just forwarded him the information that you and Brandon Darby may be planning a visit. They’re pretty snappy about dealing with behavior problems, so photos of you two will start circulating within the next half hour or so. They aren’t violent with provocateurs, but they’re eager to exercise the free legal services they have available in the event of any defamation.

   The bigger picture here is that Breitbart seems to be working with Thomas Ryan and Aaron Barr – a red flag waved in front of Anonymous. Couple that with the investigation aimed at Pat and Seth, and this seems to me like the sort of thing I would personally studiously avoid – lots of hazards, no benefits.


This email also really refutes those people who think that #Occupy is a nice, mainstream grassroots movement. The line “They’re pretty snappy about dealing with behavior problems, so photos of you two will start circulating within the next half hour or so.” gives you a good sense of what kind of group you’re dealing with.


  1. I heard that Neal has been staying over at Weiner’s place with Nikki.
    Neal, you’re a punk. Your email shows that you are scared, like a petulant child, that your movement of miscreants who copulate in public and defecate where they sleep is being exposed for what it really is. This #Occupy Everything b.s. has been a boon to the everyone except for the Democrats. Almost 2/3rds of Americans are against it. Go ahead and play your violence card and everyone else will snicker as we go to the polls in a landslide rebuke of your failed experiment.

  2. Let me just stress, if it’s not obvious, that there is no investigation aimed at me. It is clear, however, that crimes have been committed against me and Mike Stack — and that Rauhauser hates me and Stack . . . and has been working closely with a convicted violent felon who hates me as well. I could say more, but will leave it at that for now.

    Except this: I’ll note also that Rauhauser has been writing comments like the above about me, Stack, Liberty Chick, and Andrew Breitbart for several months. When I saw this post, the style was immediately familiar.

  3. Rauhauser wrote on July 4: “It would be interesting if someone got a picture of Patterico’s wife, [named redacted by Patterico for this comment but used in Rauhauser’s post], who coincidentally is also a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, and showed that to Tommy. The situation with Allen is a little more complex and would require a detective monitoring his residence to catch the face of any female associates.”

    Same “let’s stalk them and get their picture” style thuggery.

    Oh — and that post was written three days after a serious crime was committed against my wife, me, and my children, connected with Weinergate — a topic that Rauhauser had been obsessing over at the time.

  4. Heh. I have an email or two like that from Rauhauser myself.

    Also, two weeks ago I mentioned that I might go down to Occupy Wall Street, since I’m not far from there. It wasn’t long before others alerted me that my photo & profile were being circulated around Twitter throughout OWS groups, and false accusations were being tweeted from one @WeOccupyAmerica account on Twitter.

    Imagine my concern when I looked and saw tweets like this: http://t.co/m6hAPfPR (Although he couldn’t even get my first name right, despite doing this for over 4 months now). Note: I have to point you to the cached tweet on Twibe because (a) Rauhauser blocked me (and others he’s been tweeting about) before I ever even knew anything about that Twitter account, and (b) he deletes most of his tweets like that. Quite proactive.

    He seems very familiar with one rule of Alinsky: “Accuse others of what you do.
    Well, in the words of Winston Churchill, “The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.”

    There it is.

  5. You do realize that in Neil’s worldview, YOU just threatened HIM, right? I mean, you mention his name, where to read him on dkos, and link info on his past transgressions… All at a site that is loosely related to Andrew dun dun DUUUUN Breitbart… You violent threatener you.

    On the other hand, are you and Brandon fucking crazy? Especially Brandon… You guys are traitors. You work for Breitbart, and he worked with the feds. And you guys are walking right in to down-twinkles territory.

    There is a fine line between bravery and foolishness. Be brave, but be smart. As one of the Saints said, “listen, Roc, you start to get a bad vibe in there, you get the fuck out quick!” Seriously, Neil’s a joke, but he’s like manson. You don’t need to worry about him killing you, but you do need to worry about his deranged followers.

  6. For Christ’s sake, he’s a blogger complaining about cyberstalking. “I wrote something on the world wide web, and someone I don’t like is reading it!”

    And again, be careful. It might not be a bad idea to take a couple bodyguards. They hate you two A LOT more than they hate the rich. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be embracing Kanye, Michael Moore, Rosanne, and the rest of the wealthy assholes who keep shouting “tax me more.”

  7. Thanks, Lee, for having the backbone to stand up to these thugs.

    Whatever differences I’ve had with you seem quite minor in comparison to the fact that you’re willing to report on these people knowing what they are. I think that’s extremely patriotic.

    BTW, take this seriously. Yeah, they are pathetic, but take it seriously anyway. Use the buddy system, use multiple cameras, and follow your gut instincts about safety. If they do decide to do something, they will probably try hard to provoke you, so be ready for that kind of crap.

  8. The long term (unreliable) forecasts have some nice, chilly weather rolling into NY late next week, and since the OWS puddinheads will be trying to keep warm we may see some inadvertent self-immolation*. Bring a fire extinguisher, and a giant spray-can of non-flammable deodorant. Nothing smells worse than a hippie burning in his own filth.

    *I’m just going on experience, but most Mac users have trouble configuring and operating things that have a more complicated interface than a big wheely-button. Fire is probably beyond them.

  9. Lee,Brandon &Andrew, I want to thank you guys for keeping us informed on the actual make up of the ” occupy” crowd. I hope you guys keep up the work SAFELY. Im amazed to see how they want to keep you guys away from their movement. From what I’ve seen they have plenty to hide.


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