Only In Obama’s America: Illegal Alien Who Talked About Eating White People Is Now A Lawyer

Only In Obama’s America:  Illegal Alien Who Talked About Eating White People Is Now A Lawyer

She’s in the United State illegally.

She helped cause the immigration crisis happening right now that some are calling an invasion.

And now, she’s a lawyer.

Prerna Lal, a radical leftist and self-described “Undocumented, Unafraid, Unapologetic, Queer, Unashamed” illegal immigrant who once talked about killing, roasting and eating “white invaders” bragged on her Twitter account that she’s now officially an attorney here in the United States.

Lal proves that in Obama’s America, not only are there are no legal consequences for being a loud and proud illegal immigrant. Lal seems completely unconcerned about hopping back and forth across our borders at will. In another post on her Twitter page, Lal talks about going ‘back home’ to her native Fiji.

Lal also is one of the people responsible for the current massive influx of children and asulym seekers overwhelming our nation’s borders.

As I reported on Breitbart News in Septmeber 2013, Ms. Lal is a respected, published immigration reform activist. She’s a prominent “Dreamer” activist–one of the young illegal aliens brought to the United States by their parents who are leading the fight for comprehensive immigration reform.

Lal is one of the co-founders of the site that Breitbart News has reported gave illegal immigrants a lesson in how to lie about their immigration status. That tactic has commonplace now.


  1. This is the most ridiculous articles that I have ever read.

  2. That’s just evil,…but I don’t know what is worse; the fact that she is doing what she is doing and has nothing but contempt for our laws, or that our system does nothing to get rid of her.

  3. I see where you’re coming from, it is easier to keep brown people down if you don’t give them access to the justice system. (Satire)

    Seriously, if you don’t want to integrate undocumented immigrants into our society, you’re talking about deporting 25 million people. Are you prepared for those logistics? Because if so, there are 250 undocumented immigrants worldwide living in countries illegally, many due to US interventions.


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