Operation Earl Grey

I think the past few day’s events make it very clear what we as nation must do to combat terrorism and the dangerous jihadist movement that threatens the lives of freedom loving people everywhere.

We must liberate England.

Too long has England been allowed to harbor terrorists, such as the 24 recently arrested. For months or even years, these jihadists were moving freely around England, listening to Oasis, eating fish and chips, and watching soccer or “football” as they confusingly call soccer – an obvious reference to British shoe bomber Richard Reid.

England has been America’s enemy since America first fought them when we first broke free from them when we first left there. They are still led by an unelected monarch and religious leader that they refer omninously to as ‘The Queen’.

When America liberates England, we will doubtlessly find many many Muslims there including the particularly dangerous and offensive ‘Ali G’, as seen on HBO. Some of these Muslims will be terrorists, too. And after we bring them to a nearby newly created island detention facility we are now calling O’Gitmo, some of them will be found to be terrorist leaders.

And then we will be able to show the world that our liberation of the U.K. was justified. England will once again relive it’s glory days of being the center of terror for the world. It’s better to fight them in York than in New York, isn’t it? Bloody right it is!

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