Photos: Germany Under Communism vs. Detroit Under Democrats

I posted my Capitalism vs. Communism : See The Difference post on and a number of people mentioned now the photos of Germany in the 1980s and early 1990s reminded them of Detroit. Detroit has consistently supported the Democratic Party in local and national elections since about 1922. Just go to Flickr and search for “Detroit Decay” for plenty of examples of this.

So — here’s a depressing game. Half of these pictures are Detroit. Half are communist East Germany. You decide which is which.


Photos 1,3,5 : Detroit under nearly 100 years of Democratic party rule

Barbed Wire By GollyGforce | Tires  from Bob Jagendorf  | TROY from 416style

Photos 2,4,6 — East Germany under communism by Stefan Koppelkamm



  1. The East Germans can at least brag that they never voted communism into power – Detroit did it all to themselves.

  2. The German graffiti makes a couple of these too easy. But a sobering comparison nonetheless.

  3. Welcome to ofuckabaa ville.


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