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The Obama administration has created an unreal situation:we’re supporting the jihadist Muslims who are attacking Christian villages.

You don’t just find survivors of the Muslim attacks on Syrian Christians with a quick Google search.Click here to donate.Imagine the challenge. First, travel half a world away to the Middle East. Arrive in Beirut, Lebanon alone and seeking the truth. Learn your way around the city. Make local contacts. Build trust.Then, just a few days after arriving in Beirut, I’m able to sit and talk with people who survived the horrible attack by Jihadist Muslims on the Syrian village of Maaloula.

The al-Qaeda linked forces chose Maaloula on purpose. It’s a Christian town with historical significance; one of the few places that still speaks Aramaic, the ancient language that scholars believe Jesus spoke.

Thanks to the support of people like you, I’ve already done the impossible and interviewed Christians from Syrian towns like Maaloula and Allepo who were driven from their town. I’ve done inteviews on audio and video and shot hundreds of photos.

We can’t stop now.

Click here to donate now.

Any amount you can give helps.

I want to get the truth out, as I’ve done on every story I’ve covered. Help me get to where the news is.

Thanks for everything you do.


  1. Good luck & be safe! Left a donation a few days ago. Will try to give again next week. Can’t wait for your reports. Andrew would be proud!

  2. I’ll certainly put the word out. Stay safe, but get the stories!!!



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