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Here’s what people have said about my political videos…

"Everybody is taking a stab at web video these days.  But no one does it with the verve, technical mastery or punch in the face relevance and humor behind every one of Lee Stranahan’s productions.  If I were stuck on a desert island with only a laptop and a few digital media files, I’d be sure some of them were his.  I’m a big, big fan.  "


Josh MarshallTalking Points Memo

"Lee is a top-notch video producer and editor: he can make great videos out of thin air in almost no time at all."


Peter  Koechley MoveOn,org

"Lee Stranahan brings brilliant ideas to the table."


Ben RellesBarelyPolitical.com

I’m raising money for a new video project and I need your help. It’s a series of films based on a book by economist Dean Baker that exposes the myth that conservatives want a free market. These videos will cut to the heart of current political debate on issues like executive pay, health care, copyright and many other issues.

Please contribute right or get more info by clicking on the link below.

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