Rep. Anthony Weiner Selectively Edits Himself

I’m one of those people who thinks sex scandals are funnier when they happen to Republicans. Sorry, I do. But this one is too funny. Anthony Weiner is a real favorite of a lot of Democrats because he’s not afraid to put it out there.

But as BigGovernment is reporting, maybe he put a little too much out there. Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account send out a photo of…ummm…underwear. To a woman who isn’t his wife. There’s no face, though. Just a bulge in some underwear.  That’s editing! Go to BigGovernment for details.

As I write this, the tweet is still up at 


So, around the same time he was tweeting about hockey, he sends the underwear photos to that woman at @GennetteNicole. Don’t bother looking there, though. Rep. Weiner’s  photos are all erased. And Gennette seems to have deleted her entire Twitter account. And, it seems, her Facebook account.

Look what RepWeiner tweeted earlier in the evening. I don’t know what it means, but look..why is he talking about Seattle?


Well, Gennette seems to live in Seattle. Could be a weird coincidence. Or about 5 of them.


  1. His avatar is 3 parts Janis Ian, 1 part Horshack. You’re also right about Rep. sex scandals- why is that? Maybe because they’re more perverted, what with airport bathrooms, Craigslist, and meth-teeth.

  2. why is he talking about Seattle?

    HAHAHAHAHA! Genius “researching” this story misses entire Huffpo article, ON THE SAME DAY, discussing Weiner’s Thomas Friday financial disclosure dump. Obvious reference to how late Thomas could make them.

  3. Djmcs11 is runing around everywhere making the claim that Seattle is an obvious reference to Thomas — well, it’s not obvious. Like, at all.

    What is obvious is that Gennette is from Seattle.



  1. Anthony Weiner “Hacked”-Follow up with formal complaint to FBI (Weinergate) « Ameristroika - [...] “painted” the picture outlining the reasons why this claim is most likely bullshit. (Here and Here) But again there…

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