Rep. Weiner’s Mutual Twitter Follows

As mentioned before, Rep. Anthony Weiner follows about 200 people on Twitter and has 40,000 followers. But not everyone he follows, follows him back. The list mutual follows – according to this resource – is less than 40 people. These are all people that Weiner could have two way private message conversations with. Here’s that list. (Thanks to Laura for the information.)


  1. But this can change all the time.

  2. Of course — this is a list fixed in time, for right about now.

  3. I wonder if any of these overlapped with her follows. A lot of people have their public acct. and a more obscure private acct. –personal contacts would follow both.
    I’ve wondered all along if he was meaning to send it to her from a personal acct. and got confused.
    (Again, just a personal, nancy drew theory- not based in facts I’ve read.)



  1. I was going to rant - [...] write under a pseudonym and probably should have continued to. There are always awful people like Lee Stranahan and…

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