REVEALED: Why Steubenville Prosecutor Jane Hanlin Has Been Under Investigation

REVEALED: Why Steubenville Prosecutor Jane Hanlin Has Been Under Investigation

janeRumors have been swirling about a possible investigation of Jefferson Country, Ohio prosecutor Jane Hanlin, who led the initial stage of the infamous ‘Steubenville rape case’ that led to the arrest and eventual conviction of Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond.

The rumors are true.

There are people who would love to see Mrs. Hanlin brought down. She was the subject on intense discussion when the Steubenville rape story went national. Over 2,500 people signed a petition at Change.Org to have her disbarred. The petition was based on the false rumors promoted by blogger Alexandria Goddard and Anonymous, including baseless accusations that Hanlin was part of a massive cover-up.

For an exhaustive debunking of the falsehoods spread by Goddard and others, visit my separate Steubenville blog.

Apparently influenced by the false Goddard / Anonymous narrative, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine convened a grand jury months ago and it’s led to two indictments so far. Some people were asking if the murmurings of a Hanlin background check meant Hanlin herself was next to be indicated.

Now it can revealed: Jane Hanlin HAS been under investigation for weeks.

At 12:45pm on October 28th, the world can finally know the results of the intensive background search…

Jane Hanlin has been sworn in as a Federal Prosecutor.

At least 2,500 people owe Mrs Hanlin an apology.

The smear campaign against her was a failure. Her amazingly successful record as a prosecutor spoke for itself. 

Congratulations to Jane Hanlin. She endured months of vile falsehoods and even direct threats.

But the assault and harassment against innocent people in Steubenville that  Alexandria Goddard started continues.

And now it’s being helped along by Mike DeWine and an investigation that many in Steubenville say is abusive.



  1. The lynch mob wanted her to be investigated. After hundreds of so-called “journalists” investigated…After all of their anonymous ethical complaints were investigated…After an exhaustive FBI background investigation, Jane was invited to be a Special Assistant United States Attorney.

  2. Congratulations Jane, watched and read from a 1000 miles away, the most unbelievable stupidity l have ever seen. 2500 apologies just doesn’t seem enough.

  3. What an unbelievable witch hunt we have witnessed. Congrats to you, and I hope this will all end. Nancy McCann

  4. It’s refreshing to see some truth finally prevailing out of this entire mess. Thank you Lee for fighting for truth throughout this entire ordeal. Alleged rapist Deric Lostutter, hot sauce rapist Alexandria Goddard and the rest of their slimy crew owe our entire community an apology.


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