Roger Waters, Van Morrison, The Band : Comfortably Numb

One of the best things. Ever.


  1. One of the best ever rock songs in one of the best ever live performances! ROCK on!

  2. Frikken awesome. I found a video once of Kate Bush and David Gilmore doing Running Up That Hill, but can’t find it now.

    It bums me out that David and Roger both have egos the size of cathedrals, and refuse to work with each other again. Pink Floyd defined intelligent rock, and very few I’ve found have been able to match their story telling musical genius, and those even lack the staying power of Floyd.

    My wife says, “you either have to smoke weed or know a lot about history and politics to like that band.” Check and check. (she likes pop. It’s virtually her only flaw.)

  3. The solos are amazing, too.


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