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This happened a few week ago and I basically had let it slide, but Sebastian’s restaurant is closed. Sebastian’s was featured on the U.S. version of Gordon Ramsay’s show Kitchen Nightmares and probably had the most universal and overwhelming response against anyone – people just really didn’t like Sebastian and I assume most of them won’t be suprised that the restaurant closed just a few months after the show aired.

The weird recent development is all the comments I’ve gotten from someone who claims to be a Sebastian’s cook but who seems like Sebastian himself. Read the comments here and here but here’s a short sample…

i worked for sebastians for the last two years and was there for the entire filming of the show. The show is fake like he said, the microwave didn’t belong to us and 85% of the food was fresh every day. What i can’t understand is how little of the facts all of you know and are making dumb comments based off of what you saw on TV. I hate to tell all of you but not everything on TV is true i saw myself several times the producers to ask sebastian to do certain things, like cry in the alley i was standing off camera when they told him they needed more emotion in the scene. So lern the facts before you make a remark that makes you sound stupid.

But really – go read the comments yourself. Very odd.

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  1. Hi Lee…
    Well, I just called Sebastians, and while what you say is true, that they are closed, Sebastian states on the message, that they are “Temorarily Closed” due to them being in Boston to take care of some family issue.


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