Should You Quit Your Job?

The new James O’Keefe video got me thinking a bit about how much personal and political importance people put into the concept of JOBS – as the video shows, even allowing totally valueless work to qualify as a job.

I actually think we live in a ‘post job’ economy, where increasingly the whole definition of what a ‘job’ means is going to radically change. It’s already changed from a few decades ago, when the ideal was that you’d get into a good job and stay there for twenty-fives years or so and then retire with a nice, safe pension. That’s over and it’s not coming back.

I’m finishing up a book called Permission To Quit that will be coming out in a few weeks that discusses the issues surrounding JOB in a very practical way, with an eye on why I think most people should quit their job.

Here’s a video I made a few years ago that discusses a little checklist I have about why you should (or maybe shouldn’t) quit your job.

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