Simplified: The Case Against Bill Schmalfeldt

Although there’s a lot of material here on the blog about Bill Schmalfeldt’s harassment of me and my family, the criminal harassment charges I filed in Maryland are extremely simple.

I am not a lawyer but as I understand it, there are two main elements you need in Marylandhere for harassment 1) A pattern of direct contact that is intended to annoy, humiliate, and intimidate. 2) A clear request to stop that is ignored.

Bill Schmalfeldt has admitted to both of these elements.

I sent Bill Schmalfeldt a number of requests that were both polite and deliberately worded. I wanted to stop contacting me directly. I told him that any further contact would be considered harassment.

Here is Bill Schmalfeldt admitting that on this podcast:

Bill Schmalfeldt has admitted that I sent him these requests, both in writing and in his own words on his podcast. He’s admitted that after those requests, he continued to email me — 24 times by his own detailed, written account. 

Here is Bill Schmalfeldt admitting this in his words, from this podcast:

This is why the case should have no problems getting past the probable cause hearing. Bill Schmalfeldt has admitted to both key elements, in writing and on his podcast.


His defense is that he felt he could continue to contact me because he’s providing information to other people. Apparently, he did not consult an attorney after charges were filed against to see if this defense was valid.

His attorney in another, unrelated hearing this morning madd it clear to Bill Schmalfeldt that his ‘journalism defense’ would land him in jail. The lawyer was promptly fired


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