Snoop Ambush?

A friend of mine at work saw the lead up to the arrest of rapper (and my MySpace friend) Snoop Dogg yesterday here in Burbank after the D-O-Double-G appeared on the The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. My friends says he saw five or six police cars race past him with their lights flashing, then he came up on the scene a few hundred yards from NBC studios where the cops had surrounded Snoop’s car and had their guns drawn and aimed at Snoop’s car and were on the loudspeaker telling him to get out of the car.

Seems like a lot of drama for no threat at all. Did they think Snoop was going to go on a cop killing spree? He’s already got the number one song in the country. I personally could care less if Snoop has pot or even cocaine and if he had a gun at least he wasn’t aiming it at people’s cars. The whole seems, for lack of a better word, whack.

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