Steubenville Rape Case: Everything You Know Is Wrong

If you’ve heard about the Steubenville rape case and are trying to figure out what’s true, here’s a brief overview.

In this post, I link to some of the dozens and dozens of articles about Steubenville.  Why all the focus from liberal media? Many of the stories focus on an anti-American narrative. Omnipresent themes are America’s Rape Culture and the danger posed by America’s Football Culture and how the American Justice System is a dismal failure.  With the Left so completely invested in the story, it was only a matter of time before the non-political case would fulfill a Defenders of the Steubenville Rape Crew Embrace the GOP’s Protect the Rapist Mindset

But what if all those sources were getting the story very wrong?

What if the story were being misreported on a grand scale, full of clear factual inaccuracies and claims that nobody is making; not the prosecution, the defense, the accuser, the suspects, the witnesses, the police, or anybody connected to the case. 

What if all those sources had published complete factual fabrications that confused the case?

What if Anonymous had actually made things in the story much worse for everyone involved?

Among the widely reported and false claims:

  • Steubenville is so corrupt that no justice is possible.
  • There has been a massive cover-up in the case.
  • The victim was drugged, put in a car trunk to bring her to a series of parties, urinated on, and left for dead in a field.
  • That there a number of witnesses to the assaults who have not come forward.
  • The school’s football coaches were involved in the night’s activities.
  • That football players were given easy or preferential treatment in this case.
  • No media was covering the case except for one blogger until Anonymous got involved.
  • That no justice would happen in this case were it not for the intervention of Anonymous.
  • The infamous video of Michael Nodianos joking has nothing to do with the legal case.

To reiterate, those claims are rumors that are unsupported by evidence and yet if you click on any link to a story about the case, you’ll find any number of in whichever story you read. I’ll be picking them apart point-by-point.

This is not defending the suspect or attacking the accuser. Or vice versa.Nobody involved in the legal case is making these claims. This is correcting the record. As we lay out the facts on this blog, judge for yourself and ask for proof at every turn.


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  1. Lee, keep on with what you’re doing. The truth and nothing but the truth. The transcripts don’t lie. It amazes me the people that come on twitter just to pick a fight with you. To call you a liar. To challenge you on the facts that you’ve presented. Like you’ve got some kind of agenda here. If you did, you’d be telling the story like Ms. Goddard.
    “Prinnie ‏@prinniedidit @DEMILLLE i wrote what i found – nothing more nothing less. the kids wrote their own story.”

    So if you do it her way, you go out and read a bunch of teenager’s twitter accounts and put it together in their juvenile immature way of looking at things. Yeah, I’d take the word of a bunch of teenagers. Then start a blog and make it as salacious as possible, quoting those teens and letting the hometown gossip say whatever they want on the blog. Like a game of telephone. Bring in a bunch of juvenile immature internet criminal terrorists and have them take over a town and cause mass hysteria and fear. Sit back and watch all your buddies threaten and say vile things to anyone who might ask a question or challenge a “fact”. Yeah, I like the way she told the story. It really does lend itself credibility her way, doesn’t it. Oh, but wait, you’ve got to accuse every official in that town of corruption. Proof? What’s that? Joey’s flow chart? The six degrees of Steubenville.

    She’s had ample opportunity to obtain the transcripts and revise anything she wrote but instead decided to let it stand on just teen gossip. Now she stands defiantly, retelling HER story to whoever will listen. That sounds pretty dangerous to me. This town and these people will never be the same. It’s criminal what’s happened outside of that night. So will she classify her book fiction. I’m sure that will be her end result.


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