Stop Dragging My Heart Around : Joss Stone & Rob Thomas

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  1. Two weeks and not a single comment? Not sure if that is a measure of JS’s popularity, the site, the song or what. Sort of troubling as a fan of JS’s. Brings to mind the old saying that the opposite of love is not hate but indifference. Not sure I agree with that. More accurately, it’s the absence of love is indifference. JS is a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul and a unique voice that’s a gift from God. The world just fell out of love for her. Why? What happened and will she ever recover? One consideration is she was still a child when she was instantly proclaimed a worldwide phenomonon with all of the millions of dollars and accolades that go with that. She didn’t handle it well. Two, she was a headstrong child who insisted on having her own way, and her parents (mostly her mother, Wendy) permitted it. She made some really bad choices as a result, which she is still dealing with, while continuing to make more poor business decisions today. She doesn’t seem to trust other’s judgment, career-wise. Probably because she got some really bad advice early on, failed to follow some good advise later and made some really bone-head moves all on her own. Now she’s her own manager. We’ll see how she does, but I know she’s bewildered and devastated by the (almost) hatred of her countrymen and the near-indifference (there’s that word again) of the rest of the known world. She’s dropping hints of “leaving (show business) to have babies”. Who knows what’s in store for this wonderful woman and singer, but short term, it’s not looking so good for a lot of reasons.


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