There’s A Cancer On The Tea Party

Siphoning Resources & Throwing Elections

Are These People Taking Advantage of the Tea Party Movement?

This introduction video discusses the problem at the key players.

Tea Party Treason: Who Sold Out The Grassroots?

In this half hour podcast, Lee goes over some of the main points in the story including:

  1. How the Tea Party Movement is being taken advantage of and why it’s costing patriots money. elections and success
  2. The background of the Leadership Fund, Todd Cefaratti & Dan Backer…and why that background matters
  3. How it all works : list building. the Draft scam and the interconnected circle of PACs and candidate committees.
  4.  Follow the BIG money: how multimillionaire’s & establishment GOP agendas have trumped Tea Party goals, with an example on immigration
  5.  The role of Dan Backer’s #McCutcheon case and the possible role of Citizens United.
  6. Sold out — how Breitbart News has played Judas to the Tea Party & Andrew’s legacy and worked to crush this story.
  7. Hope : why I think the solution is GOOD groups, not withdrawing support

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The Hidden World Of Consultants, PACs & Money Jugglers

How Tea Party Donor Money Went To Establishment Republicans

How Consultants Get Rich While Losing Elections

How They Get Your Donations & Personal Information

Unaccountable : Why Won’t These Men Talk?

When questioned about their role, each one of these players has steadfastly refused to talk. This is no coincidence; it’s a tactic.

Todd Cefaratti

Dan Backer, Esq.

Mike Rothfeld

Brandon Darby





With a background in mailing business for reverse mortgages. Cefaratti founded The Leadership Fund. Numerous calls are unreturned.

Attorney who is treasure of 30+ PACs and other candidate committees. He sometimes controls both compliance and expenditures and invokes attorney-client priviledge.

Rothfeld is considered a ‘guru’ in the hidden world of political consultants. His company Saber Communications made $7.7 million from the Ron Paul 2011 Presidential campaign alone..

Darby, the managing director of Breitbart Texas  fired and then used information from Dan Backer to try discredit Lee Stranahan’s research on the story. He refuses to explain his relationship with Backer or Leadership Fund.

The Cover Up : The Plot To Discredit This Story

When I Started Getting Close To The Truth, I Was Fired By Brandon Darby & Breitbart News

My mentor Andrew Breitbart stood for exposing the truth, no matter the cost. He loved the Tea Party.

He’d be shocked to see the site that still bears his name actively try to abort a story exposing corruption.

Andrew Breitbart talks about Lee Stranahan

I met Andrew when I was a liberal writer for The Huffington Post. We bonded instantly because we both believe in telling the truth above all else.

Working with Andrew changed life; I went from liberal to conservative over the course of 18 months.

I didn’t make this video but I include because it shows what Andrew thought of me as a journalism,