Stupid Is Already Legal

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New York may become the next state to legalize medical marijuana but state conservatives have their wacky, contradictory arguements. Need to watch out for those marijuana overdoses!

“I believe we have drugs, legal drugs, that doctors can turn to that help,” Long said. “No one wants to see people hurting, but marijuana is not the end-all, be-all. We don’t get into feel-good legislation.”

“And God forbid a patient taking this stuff died,” he continued. “Is someone going to take [the unused marijuana] and start selling it?”

The party’s most serious objection to the legislation, though, is of the slippery slope variety–conservatives are fearful the push for medical use is actually just a foot in the door for full-blown decriminalization of the drug.

“It’s step one to moving toward legalization,” Long said. “Step two is people saying ‘we’ve lost control of it and it doesn’t do any harm, why not just let people have it?”

The Raw Story | Conservative leaders no easy targets in push for NY medical marijuana legalization

Yeah – if it doesn’t do any harm, why not just let people have it?

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