The Brett Kimberlin Music Video That You Must See

Art is an interesting thing. It’s an expression of how the artist sees the world and sees themselves. This video made in 2007 features music by convicted Speedway bomber and serial harasser Brett Kimberlin and — well, just watch it. That’s former prisoner Brett Kimberlin and he seems to be showing you how he sees himself; an unjustly imprisoned man who was tortured by brutal authorities. Really, just watch it.

Here’s additional info from one of the people Kimberlin has harassed, Aaron Walker. Lots of fascinating stuff there.


  1. That’s a good point, but I think i would refine it some. That is how he presents himself. Who knows what goes on in his mind. i mean how much does he actually believe his routine?

    There are a lot of these videos by this band.

  2. I’d rather live in “Exile” than listen to that song again and those black ops guys should really change the license plate on that Ford Expedition too before they’re “found out.” On a serious note,this is a guy playing the victim card pure and simple.


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