The @BrooksBayne Meltdown Explained In Three Tweets

A lot of people have asked me to explain what happened with self-proclaimed relevant person @BrooksBayne to cause the massive public meltdown that you can read about here and here or just by watching live on Twitter for a week or so, assuming Brooks hasn’t blocked you already. He’s been attacking EVERYONE but much of his wrath has been aimed at people who write for

So, why?

The motivation is pretty clear — Brooks wanted to run

I know this sounds absurd because — why? It’s not like Breitbart knew Brooks well or trusted him. It seems very strange to think that Brooks had an ego large enough to presume such a thing.

But presume he did. A couple of weeks ago, I learned from  a couple of different people that Bayne had made statements immediately after Andrew’s death that made it clear that Brooks Bayne viewed himself as the natural successor to Andrew.

Now Adam Baldwin — film and television actor and close, personal friend of Andrew Breitbart’s — has publicly tweeted that Brooks told Baldwin to get him a meeting with the Breitbart management just a few days after Andrew’s death because they ‘needed leadership’.

Here’s what Adam Baldwin tweeted tonight:

Brooks’s response will likely be to ignore this, blatantly lie about it or to attack Baldwin. Probably all three, depending on when you tune in.

Adam Baldwin has absolutely zero reason to make something like this up. None. He was one of the people who Andrew loved most in the world and obviously, Baldwin has better things to do than make up stuff on Twitter. As I said, Baldwin was NOT the only one who Brooks said this to, either.

So what’s behind the meltdown? Delusions of grandeur and hubris. Someone with such a sense of entitlement for no apparent reason that if he couldn’t run than, by gum, he was going to destroy it.

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(That’s a tip of the hat to Patterico, btw –– which is a tip of the hat to Seth Allen, I think.)

Update: Stevie J. West Resigns

The meltdown got even meltier as one of the only writers worth reading at Brook’s sinking ship of a site publicly resigned last night, after Brooks 1) accused Adam Baldwin of lying (as I predicted) and 2) tried to draw Stevie into it on his side. 

I’m guessing Brooks was screaming on the phone — he does that.  But Stevie West got a LOT of support — much more than the people who have ruined their reputations by remaining associated with the bankrupt, crumbling persona that uses the name Brooks Bayne.

 And for a GREAT codea on Brooks Bayne, read this burial post by Jay Batman. 


  1. That creep , blocked me as soon as I made it clear , which side I was on . I do recall , immediately after AB’s passing that BB was using the #War hash tag , as if he’d coined it . Nice work Lee , exposing him .

  2. Oy vey! This dude has delusions of grandeur.

  3. The negative energy wasted on this infighting is upsetting the balance in my normally happy twitterverse! You, Brandon, Loeschs, Baldwin and Liberty have always seemed like straight-up people to me, so I’ll just unfollow the pot-stirrers and hope everyone gets back to the matter at hand! Thanks for the insight.

  4. That is really shocking, but not surprising given how ludicrously arrogant Brooks is… I regret ever having even mildly defending the guy. He’s getting to be worse for our side than the left.

  5. Screaming and ranting and probably throwing his federalist fist dramatically into the air, yes. It was very very important to him I not leave. I cannot imagine why he fears sweet little old me.


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