The Economy Sucks…

Yes, the ecnomy is awful and headed towards a worse place with high unemployment but…

It’s never been within the reach of so many people to educate themselves on so many different subjects.

It’s never been easier to find bargains, comparison shop, or research purchases.

It’s never been cheaper to start, manage and promote a business.

There’s never been a point in history where artists had access to so many different tools in all media, from the visual arts to music to filmmaking.

Which means nothing to you if you don’t take advantage of it…

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  1. You’re absolutely right, Lee!
    Although it hasn’t exactly been easy, it has gone better than most of us, the artist/owners of The Wooden Cow Gallery, expected.
    We’ve had to come to grips with people trying to buy art ‘on sale’ and customers opting for smaller utilitarian items over large pieces of wall art, but these are things everyone is doing in all kinds of purchase situations.
    We’ve learned a lot, and found our place in the retail world. That’s a very valuable experience for us artists, and one we may not have bothered with if the economy were great and we were all selling our art easily.
    So we will continue to host big receptions and give New Mexico’s artists a place to show their work – even if it means just breaking even. It’s worth it to us!


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