The Huffington Post, Roy Sekoff & Untruth


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The Daily Caller is out with a big piece today on the Huffington Post and Andrew Breitbart that quotes me extensively.

In that article, I talk about something I mentioned here last week – that in a phone conversation a few months ago, HuffPost editor Roy Sekoff had told me that neither he or Arianna Huffington thought Andrew Breitbart was a racist but that they didn’t come to his defense during the countless attacked he’s endured – including many on the Huffington Post –  because it would put them in a bad position with their liberal friends.

The DC says…

Stranahan said he asked Sekoff about Breitbart before he started working for the conservative publisher since in the left-wing circles Breitbart is viewed as “Satan.”

Roy was as clear as can be. ‘Of course, no, of course he’s not racist’ he said ‘I know that,’” Stranahan said in a phone interview. “He said, ‘we know that.’ There was no case of Roy going, well, ‘I don’t, of course, think he is racist, but Arianna does.’ Arianna knows he’s not racist because he’s not racist. Anyone who knows him personally knows he’s not.”

Sekoff denies that conversation, and told TheDC he never said any of that to Stranahan. “If you publish that, you will be publishing an untruth,” Sekoff said in an email to TheDC. “I never said that to Lee – or anyone else. Period.” (Emphasis added)

Roy Sekoff is lying. Period.

The truth leaves tracks. Roy and I had that conversation and  I mentioned it to a few other people privately at the time. One of them was liberal Mediaiate reporter (and Breitbart critic) Tommy Christopher. Here’s a statement I got from Tommy when I heard that Roy was flat-out denying that the conversation took place.

Lee Stranahan and I have had many off-the-record conversations regarding Lee’s involvement with Andrew Breitbart, many of them centered on that relationship’s effect on Lee’s status with the online left. During one such conversation several months ago, in December or January, I remember Lee telling me basically what he told The Daily Caller about Roy Sekoff and Arianna Huffington, that they knew that Breitbart was no racist. It stands out to me because his mention of Sekoff reminded me of how he and Huffington treated Mayhill Fowler, which we also discussed.

That shows I’ve been telling the same story for months; long before Breitbart wrote a thing for HuffPost. Why would I make up that story and tell people about it?

But more importantly – if I’m lying about Roy telling me that he doesn’t believe Breitbart is a racist, then why would Roy issue a statement saying that Breitbart isn’t a racist?

Sekoff and HuffPo spokesman Mario Ruiz would neither confirm nor deny to TheDC that Huffington removed language from last week’s statement defending Breitbart against charges of racism. But, through Ruiz, Sekoff told TheDC he does not think Breitbart is a racist.

Roy absolutely does not think Andrew Breitbart is a racist, as he made clear to me during discussions this week about whether to continue front paging Breitbart,” Ruiz said in an email to TheDC. (Emphasis added)

Careful, Mario – Roy might deny saying that any day now.


  1. Look out, Lee. Roy has basically used the dreaded “I know you’re not, but what am I?” argument.

    I could never be a modern Liberal.

    The linguistic and ethical gymnastics required are just too exhausting.

  2. I’m confused as to what Roy is denying, he’s just denying that he said it to Lee? That’s it? He agrees that Breitbart isn’t racist but he disagrees that he ever uttered that sentence to Lee? So Lee is a clairvoyant speaker of untruths that are in fact truths just as not yet to have been spoken aloud. It must get tiresome to have to wipe so much egg off ones face.


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