The Kimberlin “Monsters Are Due On Maple Street” Strategy

Brett Kimberlin and the crew connected to him want to cause infighting and sow confusion. The motive is clear — distract from the real issues. Anyone who doubts this need only look at the Twitter feeds of the weirdo fringe characters that constantly insert themselves in the story in a way that benefits Kimberlin and company; borderline cyber personalities like @Qritiq and @OccupyRebellion. Seriously, go look. I dare you.

Did you look? Does your head ache? That’s the point.

Or take this example from the Quritq Blog

I want to warn readers that Patrick Frey is no friend to you. If you have a family and a dog, don’t do Frey’s bidding, because it can get you into very serious trouble. And if you want to be a lawyer and you wind up getting arrested in the service of Patrick Frey, well, that could actually ruin your life.

Remember – Frey, who resides in a $1.3 million home, wouldn’t even send $200 to his pawn when said pawn was sued by Kimberlin.

Got that? Patterico is the problem! Not the Speedway Bomber, not the SWATings. And he lives in California which has high real estate prices!!! Victim vs. victim!

Who does that benefit?

You know who benefits.

The epilogue for the classic Twilight Zone episode sums it up well, even eerily making reference to a strategy switch from bombs and explosions to psychological  warfare.


  1. I’ve been following this story for a while now, and seeing both @OccupyRebellion’s and @Qritiq’s twitters is nothing short of sad. They cannot even put together a coherent thought, but really what should you expect? The majority of people who think this way always reduce down to vulgarity and insults when challenged. Sheer intolerance and ignorance…the very things they accuse RW thinkers of.

  2. So true…

  3. What a bunch of tools.

  4. It’s easy to spew accusations and insults while hiding behind an anonymous cyber personality. Every now and then, I’ll sit back and enjoy the show, but when it comes down to it, unless someone can bring something substantial to a topic, anonymously or not, it’s not worth the time.

    Great Twilight Zone reference!

  5. Don’t underestimate these guys. And don’t react out of fear, anger or emotion. In the long haul, the Kimberlin posse can’t sustain the lies. Wear the white hats, my friends. Oh, stay thirsty too.

  6. “Wear the white hats, my friends.”

    Quite a good bit of advice when you realize this person is attempting to slyly threaten families and pets. They wouldn’t need to if they were winning.

    It’s important folks not react emotionally. It’s not easy sometimes. That’s what they want. They realize they are scum with no reputation, and are happy to roll around in the filth if there’s a chance they can troll good folks into reacting angrily. Then they can use the angry reply to tarnish reputations.

    Frankly it’s pathetic. I can’t think of anyone they have successfully shut down, and so so so many are aware of Brett and Ron and Neal despite all this work on their part.

    White hat it is.



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