The Kimberlin Saga:The Bucket List

Here are some specific things I’d like to see done to get some resolution for the story, in no particular order:

  • See the SWATer prosecuted.
  • See Brett Kimberlin declared a vexatious litigant.
  • Have Brad Friedman answer for his partnership with Brett Kimberlin.
  • Figure out whether Brett Kimberlin is hiding money somewhere. And get it his victims, like the widow of Carl DeLong.
  • Civil suits that benefit people like Aaron Walker and Patrick Frey and Mandy Nagy.
  • Mike Stack realizes he’s been played.
  • Solve : who is Dan Wolfe?
  • Solve : who is OcccupyRebellion?
  • Figure out : who is Jennifer George (who I spoke to on the phone a year + ago) and what’s her relationship to this story? [Note : this may solve 3 or 4 other things on this list.]
  • Solve : Who is NicoleGennette?
  • Defamation lawsuits for the people behind NicoleGennette and OccupyRebellion.
  • Lawsuits for people behind Breitbart Unmasked
  • Pulitzer prize for Mandy Nagy
  • Best selling book for Aaron Walker
  • Successful lawsuit for Brandon Darby again Neal Rauhauser
  • The story on 60 Minutes
  • Who is Michelle ‘ZAPEM’ and what is she up to?
  • Movie about the story (documentry)
  • Movie about the story (fiction)
  • Rock opera about the story with music by Mark Mothersbaugh

Wow, that’s a lot to accomplish. And I’m probably not even done with the list. Hmmm.


  1. Typo: “And get it his victims, like the widow of Carl DeLong.”

    Should be: “And get it TO his victims, like the widow of Carl DeLong.”

    Feel free to delete when you fix this.

  2. My list is shorter: 1. Bring the thugs to justice.

    That’s it.

  3. 1978 Speedway cold-case murder case solved.


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