The Next Episode….

I’m sitting in a Starbucks in downtown Los Angeles with Jack, who came out in this trip wipth me. Our train ride out was extra long. We kept Albuquerque close to 2 hours late and then around Flagstaff the train had to stop for another cowpoke of hours because we got word that someone had gotten killed by a freight train on the tracks ahead. This all meant that rather than getting into Los Angeles at 8am, we rolled in at noon. But that worked out better for us than that poor dude in Flagstaff.

taufht the VFX course all day yesterday; great guests and really great, motivated students.

Today, Jack and I are kicking around LA all day. They are predicting record heat – 107, they say. Our hotel room downtown has no air conditioning.

We move in a week and I have no seminars on the schedule right now. I’m moving into that “writing” portion of things. That probably means I should write today.

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  1. Black Jack is lookin’ good. Tell him I said hi and we miss him here at the art dept.


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