The Occupy National Gathering

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If one of the driving motivations behind the #Occupy movement was to be a living, breathing example of what society could be if people really came together and threw off the shackles of oppressive capitalism, then Thank You Very Much, Occupy! We have all learned a valuable lesson. It’s an ugly and smelly lesson, sure, but one that the current generation of iPhone enabled entitled hipsters needed to learn for themselves.

As ridiculous and offensive as the microwave Marxist ideas behind the Occupy movement were, the actual day-to-day reality was far worse. Their experiment in society building worked out just as well as the experiments in Russia, China and Cuba, albeit with a much lower body count and a lot more Ben and Jerry’s than past socialist debacles. The calliope crashed to the ground at what Occupy called The National Gathering, held in the days surrounding the July 4th holiday in Philadelphia. The freak-show event was failure on every single imaginable level — but it got an extra burst of soap opera goodness when a well known Occupy malcontent was literally kicked out of the movement in a kerfluffle that involved accusations of espionage, cybercrime, mental hospitals and a female impersonator.

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