The Problem With James O’Keefe

James O’Keefe is a genius, really. Breitbart always used to say that if James were on the left, he’d be celebrated as combination of Sasha Baron Cohen and Michael Moore and he’d be rich and popular and probably have an HBO series and a feature film deal.

Have you seen the new James O’Keefe / Project Veritas video and the related We Dig Jobs website?  It exposes the pack of lies behind the whole government ‘Jobs’ scam in a visceral, cringe-worthy way. And it exposes how both the Democrats AND the Republicans can be pigs at the trough where it comes to this stuff. Here’s the video, in case you’ve missed it.

So what’s O’Keefe’s problem?

The problem is that at the end of the day, few people really have his back in these investigation-by-parody that he does. And the forces fighting against him are MASSIVE.

O’Keefe has the entire Institutional Left — including Media Matters for America and MoveOn — working non-stop with a lot of manpower and money to discredit everything that O’Keefe says or does. That’s in addition to the lapdogs of the Left in the mainstream media plus the entrenched political class.

And on the right? O’Keefe’s support there is actually somewhat mixed; it’s certainly weaker than it should be. Some is this is because what O’Keefe is doing isn’t normal or conventional. It’s absurdism, which is part of why Breitbart loved it but you lose some people. As I said at the beginning, James is something of a genius and that leads to not being understood or appreciated because genius isn’t about being conventional. Geniuses make mistakes. A lot of them. That’s the way they get to the good stuff.

So, if you want a guy who’s never going to make a misstep and who will always play it safe, O’Keefe isn’t your guy.  If you want someone who will studiously avoid controversy or pissing people off, don’t look to James. If this were baseball, James O’Keefe is going to give you an occasional big strikeout, a few bloopers that don’t amount to much but will at a number of points in his career give you grand slam home runs that win the World Serios. And that’s something most people will never get close to, even one time.

So, what I think O’Keefe need is an Army of Supporters. And he needs it right now. This new project has the potential to be BIG. It has the potential to expose independent voters to what an utter load cf rubbish these government created jobs programs are; they suck resources from the economy into make-work projects that the Unions then skim off and then turn around and give THAT money to lobbyists and politicians.

That story is a BIG one. It’s an important one that gives people reasons to vote against Obama. This video — which I absolutely guarantee Media Matters is working to debunk RIGHT NOW — can’t be the only thing making the case. The forces working to kill the message are too vast.

So write about the issue. Research. Do a blog post. Debunk the debunkers. Make your own video, if you know how to do that sort of thing. Send James’s video to your friends who are on the fence about the 2012 election. Talk to them about it and the underlying issue. Donate to Project Veritas. Do something. DO SOMETHING.

Because the problem with James O’Keefe is that there aren’t more people like him.


  1. This video is outstanding !! I yearn for the rest to be released . This essentially proves what we’ve all suspected . Really hope that Issa gets his hands on it .

  2. I hear you Lee. After we get Obumbo thrown out of the White House, and the Congress under Republican control, in addition to holding Mitt’s feet to the fire to keep him honest, the New Media needs to focus on exposing THIS kind of BS to the point they can’t pull this off again.

    Fast & Furious, the green tech scams, and this stimulus scam, we need to fully expose what went on & how much it cost this country at a very vulnerable time.

  3. When I went to donate to Project Veritas, they don’t take Pay Pal. 🙁


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