The “Randy” Ruse: Part 2

In Part One, we established that’s there seems to be a convicted criminal named Jason Wade Taylor is pretending to be a guy named Randy James Taylor-Hahn.  “Randy” is going after liberal Twitter persona @Shoq, whose real name is Matt Edelstein. He’s supplied info to Brooks Bayne for a series of articles. So we know who the guy is.

But what I can’t figure out is what the hell he’s up to.

Is he a con man? Actually, Randy / Jason addresses this issue on his highly weird website He says:

Do any of us work for the F.B.I or C.I.A? We are not on their payroll last time I checked, but we can neither confirm nor deny that as being possible. Are any of us “con artists”? that depends in which context you use “con artist” do we “con” people out of money, no; never. But in the context of being political operatives, yes it is part of the job and an important one if you are to be effective.

 Okay, so he’s weird. That is established.  How weird? Well, he says he is part of Opus Dei.
So, what is Opus Dei? Well, I first heard of Opus Dei because they were the bad guys in The DaVinci Chronicles. As Wikipedia says:
Since 2003, Opus Dei has received world attention as a result of Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code and the 2006film based on the novel. In The Da Vinci Code, Opus Dei is portrayed as a Catholic organization that is led into a sinister international conspiracy. In general, The Da Vinci Code has been sharply criticised for its numerous factual inaccuracies, by a wide array of scholars and historians. According to the AnglicanBishop of Durham, the Rt Rev Dr Tom Wright, the novel is a “great thriller” but “lousy history”. For example, the major villain in The Da Vinci Code is a monk who is a member of Opus Dei — but in reality there are no monks in Opus Dei.
So, Opus Dei is like the SPECTRE of the Catholic Church, except that Dan Brown made thst part up. Or….DID HE?
Either way, Jason — the guy who went to prison for stealing gas — says he is part of this group. Again, from his weird website…

Randy, Jason, Simon, Robert, Denni etc…? Yes to all those names, because in some form or fashion they work for our organization. There is not an “I” so to speak. We are a political firm that employs anywhere from 40 to 50 people at any given time, we are spread throughout the country and in some other parts of the world.

We are privately funded, and hold no political ties to one side or the other; now there have been many questions about our affiliation to the Catholic faction ‘Opus Dei’ that would be true. Every single man or woman that works for us is Opus Dei, which is just a fact; whether you chose to believe it that is not our problem or worry. If you are just curious about Opus Dei or want to find out more information feel free to go here there are Opus Dei houses throughout the United States and the world.

 Got that? THAT explains the Jason / Randy thing because – 50 people. Except I never heard anything that made me think there are 50 people. Or even 3 people.
But let’s delve a little deeper for a second. You’ll notice that the name ‘Simon’ is mentioned in that first paragraph about the different names. And — when Brooks Bayne first told me about “Randy”, he mentioned he used the name Simon.
Let’s look at the Twitter!
He are some tweets from “Randy” from yesterday…take a look at them.
Got that?
Now let’s look at an account from someone on Twitter calling themselves “IdesOfSimon”…you’ll note, same exact tweets…
See what ‘Simon’ (who is really Randy who is who really Jason Wade Taylor) is using for an avatar?
It’s a scary Illuminati eye thing.
Who ELSE uses a scary Illuminai eye thingy for an avatar at times?
So – what does this mean?
Well, it means they are weird.
More on that in next episode…


  1. I’ve never heard a Catholic call Opus Dei a “faction”, the phraseology is just all wrong. We might call some grouping in the Church that we differ with a “faction”, but not as a technical term, moreso for its rhetorical punch- it sounds ominous etc. I highly doubt this man is Catholic let alone a member of Opus Dei. (Opus Dei is very selective in who they like as members, by the way, a three-time-loser and internet drama artist is not their style.)

    Moving on, what is the deal with these Twitter-gate, J Taylor, B Bayne people, are they set up to get conservatives chasing shadows, basically?

  2. Have you read Ender’s Game, Lee? There’s a subplot in there about two kids blogging from artificial competing points of view in a way that is intended for self promotion and by my view, manipulation.

    I don’t actually have a whole lot of problem with someone trying to argue for something they don’t agree with as a devil’s advocacy exercise. But when sockpuppets faking points of view start attacking victims of serious injustice, this isn’t an intellectual exercise. I don’t even know what it is.

    I just hope these people get that there is a real world out there, where the internet isn’t, where people need to earn a living and feed families. And that’s why it’s annoying when the internet stops being a place for discussing different ideas or actual injustices, and becomes a place where jerks list out their enemies (and enemies defined by the most minor basis) and try to destroy them. That’s freaking crazy.

  3. This is sock-puppetry meant to fit some hairy moonbat’s idea of what they think a conservative would say, do, or advocate. It’s done ineptly, and was probably dne by someone who was wanking off their ego as they were writing it. He/she/it probably thinks it to be a plausible form of misdirection, something they likely mis-copied out of a PSYOPS manual written in 1958.

    To be a part of Opus Dei requires years of devotion and giving up a great deal for the Catholic church and others. In other words, they aren’t ninjas from outer space. More to the point, they aren’t about to discuss things in these terms or use masonic imagery, since Catholics have traditionally been shunned by Masons.

    Further, I simply can’t see how anyone involved with Opus Dei would ever in a million years support apologists or enablers of abortion.

  4. OMG dude, this is awesome. Can’t wait for the next episode! … I think it’s safe to conclude that Randy/James/Simon/Wayde Taylor Hanns is/are NOT a Democrat.


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