The Scrubbing of Obama’s Radicalism

The Scrubbing of Obama’s Radicalism

I was talking to photojournalist and Obama supporter Steve Rhodes recently on Twitter about President Obama’s radicalism. Steve, like many liberals, says he doesn’t see the radicalism and actually sees President Obama as a moderate. I wanted to show him a perfect example : President Obama’s drive to eliminate the suburbs that is outlined in the new book by Stanley Kurtz, Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities. It’s a story that few people know about but it shows just how Obama is using policy to reshape America in a way that most Americans wouldn’t agree with.

[pullquote align=”left”]The suppression of the Kruglik-Obama White House photo joins a long line of similar attempts to expunge evidence of Obama’s radicalism.[/pullquote]

I went to the website for a group mentioned in the book, Building One America. That group’s President is named Mike Kruglik, a Community Organizer in the Saul Alinsky tradition who was Obama’s mentor.  Kurtz’s Spreading the Wealth shows how Obama’s past and present have come together in groups like Building One America and it exposes that group’s agenda. Lest anyone think Obama’s Community Organizer, the website had a picture of the meeting between Kruglik and Obama at the White House in 2011.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the website.

The photo of Kruglik and Obama was gone. Erased. Scrubbed, even.

I immediately talked to my friend Liberty Chick, who confirmed that the photo of Obama and Kruglik was gone. We did find it cached here cached from July 16th but that link could change any time. Here’s a screencap with a thumbnail showing how the front page of the site used to look with the photo of the President and Kruglik. 

After confirming the photo was gone, I wrote up a piece for and contacted Stanley Kurtz.  If you want a lot of detail about this story, my half hour interview below is a good place to start.

The frightening thing is that isn’t at all an isolated incident. As Kurtz says in a piece on NRO’s The Corner:

The suppression of the Kruglik-Obama White House photo joins a long line of similar attempts to expunge evidence of Obama’s radicalism. First came the scrubbing of the Trinity United Church of Christ and Trumpet Magazine websites shortly after the Jeremiah Wright affair broke out. Then came the attempt to block my access to the archives of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, where Obama and Bill Ayers worked together for years. Then came the scrubbing of articles tying Obama to ACORN from the website of the ACORN-run journal, Social Policy. Then came the suppression of the Khalidi tape, which is being withheld from the public, not only by the Los Angeles Times, but by the source who originally gave it to the paper. Then came the lies told by the Obama campaign to cover up his membership in the radical New Party. Then came the bogus denials of the New Party story by Obama’s old colleagues, even after the truth was revealed.

Here’s my interview with Stanley Kurtz:

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