The Smiths On YouTube

Every time someone mentions The Smiths as ‘an eighties band’ it always surprises me. I don’t think of The Beatles as a ‘sixties band’. Both are just…bands or like Neil Innes said about The Beatles, “a very good band.”

I’ve found a bunch of interesting Smiths stuff on YouTube, so I thought I’d gather it all in one place.

The Smiths Talk About Themselves

Morrisey talks his youth…

French Interview with Marr and Morrissey ‘Actions not words’

Other People Talk About The Smiths

Interesting look at the lyrics to This Charming Man

Noel Gallagher is kind of obsessed with them. I had no idea.


Here’s Radiohead doing The Headmaster Ritual…with feeling.

Finally – two versions of one of the best Smiths song ever – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out…

First, Marr with Moz – Neil Finn from Crowded House doing vocals.

And Moz without Marr – great live version from Manchester in 2004


  1. Lee,

    I agree! The Smiths are probably one of the most under rated bands of all time.. Johnny Marr is an amazing guitarists and Morrissey is a great singer songwriter.. I had a chance to see Morrissey live in San Francisco last year and was blow away by what a great entertainer he was.

    cool post!


  2. Youtube is my favorite website and i am so addicted in watching music videos in it.


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