The Ugly Truth Of @Shoq & His Personal War On Women

Ladies, take note: when liberal Twitter personality @Shoq / Matt Edelstein threatens to destroy you, he is telling you that in earnest.

If you doubt this, read the blog post that Mr. Edelstein commissioned to rain miser, havoc and despair down upon the lives of women who once considered him an ally, trusted friend or even loved him.

If Matt Edelstein decides it is in his interest to do so, he will destroy you. If you are a woman, he carry this out methodically, systematically and with glee. He will betray your every confidence. Nothing you ever revealed to him — no matter how personal —  will be off limits. Private chats, emails, conversations, your friends, family and even children will all be fair game. He’ll try to get you fired, divorced, discredited, or disbarred.

Don’t expect Mr. Edelstein to be fair. If there are parts of a conversation that make him look bad, he will leave those out. If there are crucial details that change the story in a way unfavorable to him, he will never air them. If he can create a false impression, he will do so with no compunctions.

After all, it’s all your fault.

Edelstein will rip a page from the Clinton / Edwards playbook and tell the world that you’re a crazy slut.  Forget the fact that Mr. Edelstein has been known to act both crazy and slutty, he will play the crazy slut card over and over. Go read the post and see how many of the criticisms come down to a varient on ‘crazy slut’.

Do not be confused by this, ladies. Labeling you in this way helps Mr. Edelstein live out a fantasy where he is able to drive women literally mad, so great is their passion for him. They can’t help it, these crazy sluts!

Once he is threatened, @Shoq will start the crazy slut whisper campaign. At that point, you better hope you have a stained dress or a DNA test or a voicemail or some other kind of hard proof because for many, the crazy slut label will be enough to tip the he said / she said game his way. Doubtlessly, @Shoq is well aware of that.

What Matt Edelstein and Matt Osborne are doing type of misogynistic mental torture that is unique to the internest age but that is no excuse at all. What they are doing in that blog post is wrong.

Full stop. It is wrong.

It’s immoral; bullying, dishonest and selfish. It accomplishes nothing good, not even for Messers Edelstein and Osborne. It makes them look like irresponsible, immature boys lashing out with fury at every woman who has ever hurt them. On some level, they are certainly aware of this but they could care less.

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