The Vetting Of The President’s Outfit: aka Mom-Jeans-Gate

So, someone on Facebook posted the following picture showing Barack Obama apparently dressing the same as….Ann Romney. Who wore it best?

And DANG — it’s funny.  I posted it to Twitter.

But I am a reporter. Many asked if it was real….and I’m here to tell you it is. Mostly. It is not a fancy Photoshop thing — but there was a bit of cropping.

Here’s the original photo of The Obamas from this page. 

And here is the original photo of the Romneys from this page. 

The President of the United States of America IS wearing the same outfit as Ann Romney except with longer pants. She’s wearing shorts.

Still. Dude.



  1. I bet that Ann , can throw a baseball better than he can too .

  2. Oh, this deserves a caption contest.

  3. So Obama got to wear the big boys pants.

  4. Since the obama photo is from june 27 and the romney from july 5, I would not be tremendously surprised to find out this is not coincidence.

  5. Shorts would be “unpresidential.” Also, Ann Romney has better legs. What I want to know is where did Ann get the sandals. I like those…


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