This Is What Employer Harassment Looks Like

In my graphic showing the Tactics of online political warfare, one of the spokes is “Business Interference” and a sub-spoke is about Employer contacts. This has happened a number of times in the Kimberlin saga and it’s one of the most odious forms of harassment.

For those who think that this is just some bickering on Twitter and that people need to get a life, consider the following real world, real life examples.

  • After Brett Kimberlin discovers Aaron Walker’s real name, he files suit and makes Aaron’s name public. Aaron and his wife both lose their jobs.
  • After R.S. McCain writes about the Kimberlin saga, Kimberlin contacts the McCain’s wife employer and the McCains are forced to leave their residence. 
  • Turncoat Nadia Naffe — with the help of a lawyer that Neal Rauhauser hooked her up with — contacts Patrick “Patterico” Frey’s employer. ”

And this sort of employer intimidation has been happening to me for weeks. I want to give you a few specific examples from the past few hours.

What I want you to note about these Twitter posts — they are all directed at Joel Pollak, the editor-in-chief at, where I’ve blogged for close to two years. You’ll notice that @JoelPollak is mentioned in all these tweets, which means they are trying to get them to show up in his timeline.

The accounts NicoleGennette and OccupyRebellion are anonymous “sock puppet” accounts that are associated with Team Kimberlin.

 This is a reference to this post of mine on Trayvon, George, Witness 9 & Obama. Judge the accusation for yourself. The same Zimmerman post is also the basis for this employer assault, one of many many tweets that the vile, anonymous @OccupyRebellion account made in a short period of time.

These come from Team Kimberlin. Meanwhile, at the same time came a different set of accusations from Team Twitter-gaters — also aimed at @JoelPollak. This time, they are taking videos that I made in 2009 — when I was a liberal — to try and prove that I’m a liberal now.

Even the shortest bit of research on me shows that I was liberal when I met Andrew Breitbart in late 2010. In the course of working with him, my politics changed. This happened publicly, slowly and deliberately and is the subject of my upcoming book Run Screaming From The Left.

None of these facts are relevant to Twitter-Gaters Greg Howard and the official account of Brook Bayne’s site The Trenches. Also, notice Howard’s bullying bluff that he was libeled by me in posts like this about Twittergate.

Saying that a video I made in 2009 is what “Lee Stranahan thinks of conservatives” is a blatant lie by a proven serial liar. When you use the exact same tactics as Team Kimberlin, you don’t get to claim higher ground because of your purported political beliefs.

Kimberlin / Rauhauser’s tactics aren’t wrong because they are leftists. They. Are. Wrong. Period. Because crazy, dishonest personal terrorism is wrong.

These are just a few examples of what’s been thrown at me and my job. Today. I’ve already reported that Michelle @ZAPEM had someone contact my employer. It goes on and on.

And Mandy Nagy has had it MUCH MUCH worse than I have. So have others. I’m just mentioning the stuff happening to me because I’m paying more attention to it for obvious reasons.

I want you to try and imagine the stress of constantly having your job threatened by people who are willing to tell vicious lies, have no standards at all and apparently will not stop.

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  1. So much for Principles not Personalities.


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