Twittergate Reality Check Part 1: Hype

I’ve written before about The Twitter-gaters; the small group of people who are obsessed with the story they refer to as Twittergate and what they feel is the conspiratorial lack of media coverage of that story. The group drama about Twittergate is led by the three longtime players — Greg W. Howard, Patrick Read,  and Michelle aka @ZAPEM — and now Brooks Bayne and his blog. The group, which claims to oppose Neal Rauhauser, Brett Kimberlin and their tactics, actually uses the exact same tactics against people they perceive as enemies including Twitter intimidation, blustery legal threats, anonymous ‘sock puppet’ accounts that swarm in on those who question them and contacting their enemies employers.

In order to keep their delusions running, the Twitter-gaters have had to create an overhyped, alternative history where they and their story take on a larger significance to the world than it actuall has. Even giving it the name ‘Twittergate’ is a way of doing this because this story doesn’t actually any major political figures such as Watergate or Weinergate did. As I’ll show in later articles, none of the Twitter-gaters were particularly important, renowned or accomplished politically.

Here’s an example of that alt-reality. According to this blog post from “Steve” on the bizarre TwitterGater website Undead Revolution:

Despite the lack of attention from the main-stream media, the accounting became known as “Twittergate” and exploded across the Internet.  Numerous blogs, news articles, personal accountings and videos attest to events now known as “Twittergate – Democrats Hire Twitter Thugs”.

Really? Exploded across the internet?

I did a Google search for Twittergate and on Page One, only one story that relates to the Twittergate involving Greg, Patrick and Michelle shows up — and that’s a post from Gawker that actually runs counter to the Twittergater’s claims. Take a look at the results I got…

This isn’t exploding across the internet. This is one story from Gawker and then a bunch of other stories about some things called Twittergate that aren’t even the same thing. At all. There’s a French “Twittergate” and a Mexican Twittergate on so on. In other words, there are a few other Twittergates out there and none of them exploded anywhere.

The Twitter-gaters have a significantly inflated sense of their own self worth and importance, which I believe is what fuels their rude, bullying, entitled, immature behavior. More on that later.

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  1. From my experiences with @SwiftRead @GregWHoward @zapem and @brooksbayne this article nailed it! I have been attacked by this group on twitter for almost 2 years. Yes, I said 2 years. They recently have focused their attention on the Breitbart group or Michelle Malkin. Does that sound like conservatives to you? What is worse is that people follow them, and Howard has professed to be a Conservative, then Libertarian and now I believe he is an Independent, while Bayne says he is a Federalist. Their tactics? Demonize their target, then trash them in mass on twitter. Just watch the Alinsky tactics and who they talk to frequently. These people have even recently brought up the fact that they have been searching Facebook for my two daughters. So tell me, WHY would you go looking for info on someone’s daughters?


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