Twittergate Reality Check Part 2: Perspective

In Part One, I discussed the hyped up sense of importance that the Twitter-Gaters have the story of “Twittergate”.

Not surprisingly, Part One did not go over well with the Twittergaters. In fact, here’s some of Greg W. Howard’s response:

If you read the post in question, you’ll see that I don’t ‘side with’ Chen. What I do is point out the existence of his article that shows up in Google search results. That’s not siding with anything but reality. Yet Howard sees that post as LIBEL and mentioning Chen’s Gawker piece as SIDING. You can find more of Greg’s response here, including legal threats aimed at my employment.

And that’s actually a good example of the Reality Distortion Field that surrounds the Twitter-Gaters. They have no perspective whatsoever but an unquenchable sense of INJUSTICE, DAGNABBIT!  They literally don’t EVER acknowledge that what happened to them did not, in fact, rise to the level of national news or a big internet trend.

So, what’s perspective? Let me give an analogy.

Let’s say someone in your family was murdered. This is a horrible event and it’s obviously a huge and horrible event for your family. But as awful as it is, it is not (in all likelihood) a national news story because people are murdered every day. It doesn’t make it any easier on you or your loved ones. It doesn’t diminish the horror. But — horror doesn’t equal national news. All adults know this, really. You know it, right? It’s obvious to mature adults.

This is the perspective the Twitter-gaters miss. Yes, Twittergate sounds like it was stressful for Greg W. Howard. I’m sure it felt awful and it sounds like it was, in fact, pretty awful. I understand that for Mr. Howard and the other people who ere attacked on Twitter — and to be sure, it was more than Mr. Howard, although he barely ever acknowledges that — it really sucked.

But it wasn’t exactly national news. And it wasn’t even ‘murder’ or any one of a hundred other crimes. That is perspective. Nearly everyone reading this grasps this point except for a small handful, who will freak out about this post, too. Just watch…

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