Twittergate Reality Check Part 3: Two Wrongs, Etc.

As every single piece I’ve written about Twittergate makes clear, there was actually something bad that happened called Twittergate. Acknowledging that Twittergate exists doesn’t make you a Twitter-gater.

The whole problem with the very small group of people I refer to as Twitter-Gaters — Greg W, Howard, Patrick Read, Michelle @ZAPEM and Brooks Bayne — is that those people, that specific little group of people and their co-horts 1) tell a distorted version of the real story and 2) use the same tactics against their perceived enemies that they accuse people like Neal Rauhauser of using against them.

In other words, two wrongs don’t make a right and being a victim of online harassment doesn’t make it okay for you to harass anyone you decide online using despicable tactics. 

This is the problem with Howard, Read, Michelle and Bayne. And it’s BEEN the problem with them for years.

Right now, this is how they act about me:

These are – literally – like reading the ravings of insane people. There are baseless, false charges that they can’t and won’t defend with a lick of evidence.

And as I showed in my Employer Harassment post, they aren’t just making these charges by howling on Twitter. They are literally trying to cause me to lose my job. They are harassing people who contact me on Twitter, including potential clients of mine. They use sock puppet accounts and fake accounts and do ‘swarming’ and they consort with accounts like @OccupyRebellion who have repeatedly attacked MY children.

This same group of people has attacked Liberty Chick and Patterico and Michelle Malkin and Erick Erickson and David Limbaugh and Brandon Darby and Adam S. Baldwin and Dana Loesch and Andrew Breitbart and at least THREE DOZEN people – all conservatives – using the same nasty, aggressive dishonest tactics.

And these are supposed to be the ‘good guys’?

No. No no no no.

The problem is their bullying and intentionally dishonest tactics. Those tactics make them NO BETTER than ANYONE who uses those tactics.

I’m their latest target but they have targeted LOTS of people and they’ve done it for years now. And that’s what I’ll be documenting in future posts.


  1. I had Brooks Bayne jump all over me the other day because I have stated I have more faith in your credibility (And Patterico’s) than I did his.

    Apparently just tweeting someone with positive comments now makes you best friends or something.

    I think you’re putting things in proper perspective.

  2. I’ve had two years of being jumped on by this group. The same tactics used on me as they did on Stranahan. They have published people’s private information on twitter for some time now. My question has always been WHY? Those people are good conservatives, and yet they demonize them and they trash them.

  3. I’m glad you’re covering this, Lee. It’s about time someone separates the crackpots/thugs from the serious nature of what’s really going on. The real story is about the social media strategies of certain progressive politicians, such as Raul Grijalva, and their willingness to utilize such tactics to intimidate and silence their critics.

    That said, it’s even more important for us to call out the people who are behaving in much the same way. Is it a coincidence that Greg Howard and Swiftread were targeted by the Tea Party Tracker and Wingnut Watch? No! They wanted to capture the tweets of hateful bigotry, threats, radicalism, racism, birtherism, extremism, lawfare, mysogeny, deceit, etc., to paint the rest of us in a bad light. The vast majority of the Libertarians, Republicans and Independants are nothing like these people – and that’s a GOOD thing.

    If we’re to win in 2012, we’re going to have to separate ourselves from the kookery, i.e. take out the trash. We also need to recognize that these players are getting a lot of mileage out of this story while refusing to be accountable for their own actions.


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