Two Options For @Shoq : Neither One Great For Him

The Other McCain points out something significant about the #StopRush / @Shoq illegal recording story that I’ve reported on previously :

How do we know that the story was legit? The proof is in the statement issued this week to The Trenches by attorney Imani Gandy.
Gandy was eager to disavow having been closely involved with the “Stop Rush” leadership, and similarly eager to deny having anything to do with the recorded phone call. Why this eagerness? Because if Shoq was in Florida when he recorded that call, the recording would be illegal under Florida law and, as Gandy is a lawyer, it would be a clear-cut ethics violation for her to be complicit in such a crime.
Yet in the process of making those denials, Gandy ended up confirming the authenticity of both the recording and the e-mails published by The Trenches.

This is some indie confirmation of what I can tell you for sure — the story is legit. I’ve heard the whole call and despite the literally insane post by Matt Osborne called Breitbart Bloggers Help Con Man Harass Citizen Activists that claims the whole thing is a hoax, it’s not. Period. And that statement confirms it.

Which raises only two options for Matt “Shoq” Edelstein — he’s either a blowhard or he’s connected to the Obama campaign and Van Jones. Because he brags about his connections on the call. He says he can reach Obama For America or Van Jones, right away.

Can he? If so, that’s a big story. If not, he’s a huge pompous liar — less of a story, but interesting to note.

Shoq is stonewalling and hoping the story goes away. It’s not.

And my guess?


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