Watch: My Concept For The “Deconstructed House”

After posting that video showing a 320 square foot ‘tiny house’ I hinted that I had a slightly different idea for a way to make a tiny house very livable. So, I cranked out this video quickly to illustrate the idea.

It’s late and it’s probably only semi-coherent. Feel free to comment / ask questions.

From the video description:

This is a quick video of an idea I call The Deconstructed House; multiple smaller and affordable buildings on one piece of property. It’s an indoor / outdoor living idea that could be build a structure at a time, using yurts, ‘tiny houses’ and more.

I made this video in a couple of hours using SketchUp and photos I found online. My voice is raggy. It’s version 1 so it’ll get better time but I wanted to knock something out.

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  1. Semi related: that cylindrical house reminded me of the idea I had to build something similar into the side of a hill to use as a music/writing studio. Been wanting to do that for a long time.


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