WATCH! Self-Driving Cars: Almost Viable & Legal

Oh, I love this idea. I have severe vision problems related to my diabetes and I can’t drive. It’s no fun. Technology is amazing. No we don’t all wear jetpacks yet, but sometimes it’s clear we live in the future.

NPR Reports:

Google’s self-driving robotic cars have been on the roads in California for two years, but they have been operating in a legal limbo. These cars were not explicitly forbidden, but laws governing self-driving vehicles didn’t exist.

Last week, that changed when California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that cleared a path for these robots to become street legal. It’s a big boost for the technology, but there are obstacles to overcome before self-driving cars are cruising down Santa Monica Boulevard.

When I went for a ride in Google’s self-driving, robotic car last winter, there were still a few things these robots couldn’t do — like reverse.

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  1. The main cost for me making roadtrips is time.

    What if I could just sleep and work through them?


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