#Weinergate: My Interview With Mike Stack

More reasons to question the story of @PatriotUSA76 and his involvement in the Rep. Anthony Weiner story.

In his online interview with FilmLadd, “Dan Wolfe” says…

Filmladd (4:49:08 PM) [asking a question from Ace]: “How did he know that a “top 5 blogger” had some sex scandal on Weiner, two weeks before this incident? I know he says it was a retweet; but what did he know of this? Who floated this, and did he have further details about it? If no details, what did he suspect?”

danwolfe7676 (4:49:48 PM): A rumor came floating around the net and I am actualy surprised more people didn’t get it

danwolfe7676 (4:50:02 PM): I don’t know where the original source was

danwolfe7676 (4:50:15 PM): It got forwarded of a forward of a forward of a forward to me

Got that? A “got forwarded of a forward of a forward of a forward to me”? But as Patterico asks

Does anyone know what he’s talking about? I never heard any such rumor. Did any of you — before Mike Stack and Dan Wolfe started talking about it?

In this interview Stack says that this is not at all what Patriot told him  and answers other questions about the anonymous persona who ‘threw him under the bus”…and denies any involvement with the reported (and alleged) hack on Weiner’s account.


I’m pretty sure I mangle Ladd’s name in the interview. Sorry, Ladd.


  1. Just wondering, who approached whom for this interview?

  2. With so many followers it’s not improbable that Weiner has a few people watching his feed that didn’t like him, and may have been following solely in the hope he would say/do something stupid. Patriot could have been someone like that.

    I guarantee you people follow Sarah Palin’s Facebook and Twitter feed just praying she says something embarrassing that they can grab and use.

    Instead of some extravagant sting taking weeks or days to set up, couldn’t it be someone watching Weiner’s twitter feed hoping for dirt suddenly saw what they had been waiting weeks for and retweeted it immediately? Just asking, because I don’t know a thing about twitter.

  3. I don’t think this really clears anything up. Mike doesn’t know anything either presuming that we believe him over someone else. It’s not like this guy came forward he wanted to stay in the shadows as well. For good reason. Can’t the same be said for Patriot? He knows how he’s going to be treated.

    Sorry Mike just sounds pissed he was outed and he should but if he hadn’t been I’m sure he’d be anonymously backing Patriot to the hilt. Come on, Mike was drawn into the Rep Weiner thing by Patriot? He wasn’t an active participant? Anthony is the main outspoken leftie right now everyone on the right would like to see him go down.

    So presuming Mikes telling the truth and Patriot was telling the truth about the source he’s just hiding where he got the information from. The tweet it self isn’t in question is it? It was captured by Twitter Congress as I understand it. That and we don’t actually know that the rumor that was floated was actually about Weiner do we? This all hinges on Weiner being #hacked in some sort of grand conspiracy to out a congressional pervert. If that was actually the case I’d think the person going through all the trouble would happily take credit for it.

  4. @ manofaiki

    It’s not just possible it’s standard operating procedure for the left. Limbaugh is tracked in every way possible. Beck is tracked. Palin. Let’s not forget MMfA it’s their whole reason for existing.

  5. cross-posted from another thread… just to tweak lee.

    razor419 June 4, 2011 at 3:44 pm
    “No. We shouldn’t assume anything dumbass. And why you would suggest so again proves your stupidity.”
    no, but stranahan is free to assume the worst in patriot. free to assume he contacted TSG and gave them the info on stack. free to assume because dan said the tweet was only there for 1-5 seconds must have meant he was on the phone with weiner at the time. free to assume that the one person answering direct questions had, in fact, concocted an entire twitter identity with over 2300 tweets and following more than 1700 people just to get back at the US congressman who had once scorned him (or her or as stranahan once said, “assume Partiot is a jealous woman for a moment”). free to assume that because weiner’s statements are “VERY specific” he must being careful to tell the truth. free to suggest , “Everyone is also missing the possibility that Dan Wolfe is, in fact, a woman — one who may have been involved with Weiner.” free to assume because others have had “bizarre interactions with” dan, he must have something to hide. now this is being done in my best dan wolfe impersonation… “watch stranahan come back and say, ‘the only person i said may have something to hide is weiner’, you amuse me.” feel free to assume that because “Patriot was part of a group of screenames ‘warning’ women about Weiner”, he couldn’t have a valid reason for doing so. free to tweet his “theory that [weiner] is hiding somethings and likely knows [dan].” of course it’s only lee’s theory because it, “seems to fit all the facts .” free to tweet, “I’m looking for facts and ignoring insults,” to which my reply was, “i believe [dan] is probably pretty insulted u think he is a woman w/ a past relationship w/ [weiner].” free to tweet, “during argument Patriot tells Weiner,basically ‘take that’ — and posts the photo. Weiner deletes it right away.” free to tweet, after “Going through Patriot’s tweets from the beginning, there’s a clear obsession with Weiner and his sex life”. free to dismiss the point suggesting, “[weiner]‘s wife knows the picture is him so he can’t deny it. denies sending to save marriage” (which woud also explain weiner’s answers), even though lee admits, “That is a good point”. btw, stranahan wants to make sure you know, “My post is a 100 percent clear that is it a theory” lol like i said earlier lee, you lost. game over.

  6. But in addition to doing the initial “evidence” tweet he was actively involved in harassing or trying to extract information from Anthony Weiner’s twitter followers. Whether it was at Patriot’s behest or not he shouldn’t have done that.

  7. The focus on Wolfe seems like a cousin to the way the media initially treated the tea party. After 6 years of anti-war protests where the legitimacy of protest went unquestioned (was actually celebrated in most quarters as speaking truth to power) upon the start of tea party protests what happened? The media ignored what the tea party was saying and instead accused them of racism and found other reasons for the protests, all reasons designed to de-legitimize the group. Now was there some basis for these characterizations? Of course. In any group of significant size you’re going to have a wide range of views, some of which will be out of step with most of the country. But these minority views hardly define the group and certainly shouldn’t disqualify the group from expressing its opinion. Doing so is obviously dishonest UNLESS every protest group faces the same scrutiny and discrimination i.e. Van Jones, Rev Wright and Hugo Chavez are liberals therefore I can paint any or all of their views on any liberal I choose.

    If you think Wolfe has committed or is in the process of committing a crime you should go to the police. If instead you’re accusing Wolfe of non-criminal activity I have to say – to what point? It seems to me this heads in one place: Weiner’s not just a married man on the prowl sending dick pictures but a victim of a partisan Team Red member and Wolfe, who nobody cares about (both sides have them and this is what they do), goes from an accidental newsmaker to the bad guy, taking the focus off Weiner. This is about Weiner, everything else is a tangent, including the information you received (I hope it wasn’t a leftie partisan that sent you the information because you couldn’t use the information, no matter how factual, given your stance on Wolfe).

  8. Hearing Stack mention Drudge make me think of how late Drudge was covering the story.

  9. Is it true that Mike Stack took bankruptsy TWO times? It galls me when a conservative rails again any type of social safety net…then hauls off and take bankruptsy welfare.



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